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Series: Energon
Year: 2004
Allegiance: Autobot
Class: Command

Please be aware that this is not a review, as I have never had this figure in hand. The pictures were provided by my good buddy Flo and I have reviewed another version of this toy, which is linked below for reference.
Remarks: Bulkhead is the Hasbro Energon version of Takara Superlink Sprung, whom I have previously reviewed. Except for Bulkhead having somewhat lighter colors, the figures are basically identical. Bulkhead had but a short tenure in the Energon cartoon, appearing as an Autobot veteran in the likeness of Kup. Ever since, of course, the name Bulkhead has been taken over by a very different kind of character, so it is not likely that we will see a Legacy or other homage figure of Energon Bulkhead anytime soon.
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Picture Copyright: Flo

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