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Series: Legends
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Headmaster
Year: 2019

Prelude: Who remembers the Powered Masters? No, not Power Masters, PowerED Masters. They were the newest, even more powerful special group in the fourth Japanese G1 follow-up series, Transformers Zone. One of those Powered Masters was Roadfire, a big science fiction style tank that, in true Japanese fashion, was of course capable of combining with some other figures into a super-powerful form. And now Takara brings us a homage to these obscure Japanese characters in the Legends EX series. So let’s say go! (I know, that’s actually Star Saber’s line, but there are only so many catch phrases associated with the Japanese G1 series’).

Robot Mode: Roadfire is a very extensive remold of Titans Return Twin Twist. In robot mode the two look rather alike, the differences are mostly in the paint job, as Roadfire is mostly red (big surprise for a guy with “fire” in his name), white and blue. The most noticeable difference is, of course, the humongous blue gun he carries with him, basically the entire turret of his tank mode. Roadfire can wield this massive gun one- or two-handed. Sadly he can’t hold it like a big hammer (like he does in the Legends EX pack-in comic), but he can mount it on his back.

Naturally Roadfire retains the excellent articulation of his source figure and I really like the new head sculpt they gave him. He looks wonderfully grumpy. So bottom line here: a great robot mode. I was already a big fan of the Twin Twist / Topspin mold and Roadfire is yet another great variant. Different enough from the original and just looking great. Nicely done.

Alternate Mode: Roadfire transforms into a futuristic tank. Unsurprisingly his big blue weapon becomes the tank’s turret and contains a cockpit for Roadfire’s Titan Master (see below). Much like the vehicle modes of Twin Twist and Topspin, Roadfire, too, looks nothing like a vehicle you’d find on present day Earth, but rather like something straight out of an 80s anime or science fiction movie. I love that look. Not much in the way of play value here apart from rolling it across the floor, but still: a great vehicle mode.

Now the original G1 Zone Roadfire was a triple changer with a base mode on top of his robot and vehicle mode, so Legends EX Roadfire has a base mode, too. Well, somewhat. The mold wasn’t originally designed with a base mode in mind, of course, and it is JUST a Deluxe-class figure, too. So the result looks less like a base and more like some kind of fixed gun turret. Something you might see in a Star Wars movie, defending a rebel base from Imperial AT-AT walkers. Given the limitations of the mold, it’s probably the best possible base mode, though it does lack those mini-ramps that can connect to other Titans Return / Legends bases. Bottom line: a good attempt. Props for effort.

Partner: Roadfire is a Titans Return style Headmaster, so his head detaches and becomes a separate figure. This figure does not have a separate name, seeing as in the Japanese series Headmasters were small robots linking up with lifeless robot shells instead of two separate individuals combining. Roadfire wasn’t a Headmaster originally, but it certainly doesn’t hurt the figure any.

Combination Mode: Roadfire can combine with his two team mates Dai Atlas and Sonicbomber in vehicle mode, forming the Big Powered vehicle. I’ll review Big Powered my Dai Atlas review.

Remarks: Roadfire appeared very late in the Zone manga series, basically just before the series ended. He basically appeared out of nowhere, just in time to link up with Dai Atlas and Sonicbomber for their ultimate super-power-hyper-god-fire-whatever special attack that destroyed Zone bad guy Violin Jiger. He was your basic gentle giant guy, not getting much in the way of characterization. His original G1 toy was released at the very end of Zone, too, making it among the rarest of exclusive Japanese G1 toys.

Roadfire is probably the least-known of the three Powered Masters (who are pretty obscure to begin with), thus it was a bit of a surprise that I’d end up picking him as my favorite of the Big Powered three-pack. I’m a big fan of the Twin Twist / Topspin mold to begin with, mind you, and it’s kind of amazing how much Roadfire can make out of this mold (who’d even have thought to add a base mode here?). Bototom line: I really like him, both look-wise and for the numerous play variants. Sure, you only get him as part of the three-pack anyway, but still: if there is one figure from that three-pack I’d probably have bought as a stand-alone figure, too, it’s him. Thumbs up for Roadfire! Fully recommended to everyone who likes the base figure, 80s anime look, obscure Japanese characters, or just plain fun figures.

Rating: A-
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