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Of course our new Transformers Universe site would not be complete without our Toy Database. For the moment it only exists as a separate Module, apart from the main site, but we are working on full integration. But even now the following functions are at your disposal:


Search in our toy database
You are trying to find a certain figure. By name, by year, or maybe by toyline? You want to know how many figures are in a specific line or were released in a specific year? You want to know how many figures have the Headmaster or Transmetal gimmick? All your questions will be answered by using our search function. You can also access this function via the Quicksearch to the right.

Identify your figure
You have a figure in hand you don't know the name of? You want to find out to which figure this accessory part you found belongs to? Our trusty ID-Guide will help you with that.


Our Toy Database will be enhanced with additional functions and, as we said, will eventually be integrated into the new site system in order to bring back user-specific functions like individual toy lists and toy ratings.

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