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Welcome to the Mech-A-Palooza, THE German Fan Convention for all things Mecha, meaning all sorts of robots meant for battle, defense, autonomous or not: Gundam, Evangelion, Transformers, Battletech, Macross, Voltron, and more, you will find them here!
For the very first time in 2024 in Hattingen, Germany. More details?
LWL-Museum Henrichshütte
Werksstraße 31-33, 45527 Hattingen

September 28, 2024

So, make sure to save the date, book your free days, and stay tuned for more information.
For Social Media enthusiasts:
UPDATE: Sadly, due to various circumstances, the planned Mech-a-Palooza event for 2024 will not take place. We are currently making plans to see whether we might undertake a second attempt in 2025 and we will keep you posted.

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