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Series: Star Wars Crossover
Allegiance: Other Hero
Year: 2006

Robot Modes: Unlike the robot mode of Darth Vader the two robots representing Han Solo and Chewbacca are recognisable only by their heads, their bodies are rather generic robot bodies. Not bad looking, just not in any way connected to the characters. In the head area Chewbacca is a better likeness to his movie character than Han, but both are pretty recognisable. Chewie carries his trademark Bowcaster, a nice detail, while Han carries the Falcon's quad laser gun as a weapon and has a missile launcher in one of his shoulder packs. Both robots have good posability, nothing to complain about. Chewie has the Falcon's cockpit on his shoulder, where you can place one or both of the small figures. Han has a chest compartment where you can place his small figure. All in all, nice robot modes.

Alternate Mode: Han and Chewie combine to form the Millennium Falcon. Chewie becomes the rear half of the saucer and provides the cockpit, Han becomes the front part. The quad laser goes on top, Chewie's bowcaster folds in and is placed on the bottom. The figures can be placed in the cockpit. The Falcon has nice detailing and some nice features such as a landing gear. A good likeness to the movie version and nothing to complain about here.

Remarks: Han and Chewie mark my 200th review here on TFU, so extra-props to them. There are really just two minor complaints about this Star Wars Transformer: One, the lacking likeness of the robot figures to their characters (except in the heads) and the annoying sound effects. Apart from that, though, good Transformers all the way. The Falcon looks good and the two separate robots are good toys as well. Recommended to all Star Wars and Transformers fans.

Rating: B
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