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Welcome to the new Transformers Universe, the greatest bilingual Transformers Site in the world wide web, now on a new platform. Here you can still find everything about the transforming toy figures. Toy reviews, comic and TV summaries, Transformers events reports, and of course lots and lots of pictures of your favorite action figures. Also our Toy Database gives you an overview over all Transformers toy figures in existence. Have fun surfing.

Newest Content:

22 May 2024

Our favorite Transformers-related websites.


21 May 2024

"Soon I will rule the entire Universe!" - Starscream


17 May 2024

"Fear is the element that unites all losers." - Dirge


More New Content:

  • Beast Wars II Beast Collection Special 10

    "To be free, I'll embrace to my heart." - Beast Wars II Opening Song "Get my Future"

  • Legacy Armada Starscream

    "I tried to gain favor from you. But nothing was ever good enough." - Starscream to Megatron

  • Botcon Optimus Primal (Dawn of Future Past)

    "We still gotta job to do, Maximals!" - Optimus Primal

  • Studio Series 86 Junkheap

    "A day without scrap metal is like a breakfast without sunshine!" - Junkheap

  • Legacy United Silverbolt

    "I think my name is...Silverbolt. Yes! Pure, strong, and...and fast." - Silverbolt

  • Studio Series 86 Sweep

    "Dumb Sweep!" - Sludge

  • ExoSquad Zentradi Officer's Pod


  • Legacy United Magmatron

    "I say: Unleash! The! Beast Wars!" - Magmatron


Random Content: 

  • OTCC Dion
  • Beast Machines Nightscream
  • Power of the Primes Dreadwind
  • Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime
  • Robotmasters Double Face