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Welcome to the new Transformers Universe, the greatest bilingual Transformers Site in the world wide web, now on a new platform. Here you can still find everything about the transforming toy figures. Toy reviews, comic and TV summaries, Transformers events reports, and of course lots and lots of pictures of your favorite action figures. Also our Toy Database gives you an overview over all Transformers toy figures in existence. Have fun surfing.

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04 March 2024



03 March 2024



25 February 2024

"I see no need for an altmode. Aren't I sufficient as I am?" - Nightshade


More New Content:

  • Armada Terrorsaur

    "I HATE peas and carrots!!" - Terrorsaur

  • Cybertron Brushguard

    "I came from outer space to... study plants." - Brushguard

  • Legacy Evolution Sideswipe (Toxitron Collection)

    "Just me, mayhem, and chaos! I love this job!" - G2 Sideswipe

  • Studio Series 86 Kup

    "This reminds me of the time I..." - Wreck-Gar

  • RamenToys Makina Great White (Testshot)

    "Champion Race Driver. Black Belt in Kung-Fu!" - M.A.S.K. computer about Gloria Baker

  • Legacy Deathsaurus

    "I swear I will crush you with my bare hands! I swear, you worm! With my bare hands!" - Deathsaurus

  • Galaxy Force Terrashaver

    "I'm telling you, I am NOT Swoop!" - Terrashaver

  • Kingdom Vertebreak

    "Dracorex Hogwartsia! Yeah, named after that place!"


Random Content: 

  • Studio Series Devastator (SS-69)
  • Classics Mirage
  • TFC Rhadamanthus
  • Classics Ramjet
  • G1 Overkill