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Welcome to the new Transformers Universe, the greatest bilingual Transformers Site in the world wide web, now on a new platform. Here you can still find everything about the transforming toy figures. Toy reviews, comic and TV summaries, Transformers events reports, and of course lots and lots of pictures of your favorite action figures. Also our Toy Database gives you an overview over all Transformers toy figures in existence. Have fun surfing.

Newest Content:

18 July 2024

"Man, I gotta be a miracle worker!" - Rhinox


12 July 2024

"I wasn't given any dialogue in the movie." - Rhinox


09 July 2024

"Shoot first, ask questions never!" - Arachnid


More New Content:

  • Cybertron Sunstorm (Legends)

    "I am the presence anointed to carry forth the light." - Sunstorm

  • Legacy United Animated Bumblebee

    "I may be small, but I'm scrappy!" - Bumblebee

  • Earthspark Optimus Prime (Plush Toy)

    "Cuddles are the right of all sentient beings!" - Earthspark Optimus Plush

  • Legacy Evolution Needlenose

    "Get hip or get hit!" - Needlenose

  • Animated Optimus Prime (Activator)

    "So this is how it feels to be a hero!" - Optimus Prime

  • Masters of the Universe Roton vs. Battlecat (Mega Construx)


  • Botcon Galvatron (Shattered Glass)

    "Power is nothing without wisdom!" - Galvatron

  • Legacy Laser Optimus Prime

    "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." - Optimus Prime


Random Content: 

  • Alternators Windcharger
  • Revenge of the Fallen Buster Optimus Prime
  • Last Knight Dragonstorm
  • Fans Hobby Huntsman
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