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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Ultra
Year: 2005

Red Alert is, first and foremost, a healer. As Autobot medic, he has never hesitated to rush onto a battlefield under heavy fire to assist an injured comrade. Indeed, there are many Autobots (and even one or two Decepticons) who owe their lives to him. It is because of his skills as a healer that Optimus Prime handpicks him to be part of the team - along with Hot Shot and Scattorshot - to return to Cybertron and cleanse his home world of the Terrorcons infestation. Though he is uncomfortable with the new armor and heavy weapons with which he has been upgraded, he recognizes their necessity, and will not hesitate to engage in battle if his hand is forced.

Robot Mode: Red Alert is a large and powerful looking robot, especially with that huge honkin' missile on his shoulder. His posability is a little below average for the Cybertron line and his detailling is rather boring. They could have done a bit more to pep him up in the looks department here. All that white just doesn't cut it for me. Anyway, like past Red Alerts he can attach a number of tools to his arm, in this case a hammer or a grapple. His cyber planet key makes his missile open up into a big gun. All in all an average robot, no more than that. They could have done better here.

Alternate Mode: Red Alert transforms into a missile transport, basically a squat military vehicle with the big missile on top. The lack of detailing again comes into play here. The vehicle looks okay but boring. Very boring. Anyway, the missile can be raised and can also open up into the gun here.

Remarks: After being critically injured at the hands of Megatron, Red Alert was among the Autobots upgraded by the Earth Cyber Planet Key and became bigger, more powerful, and more boring looking. Deluxe Red Alert from the Cybertron series is a pretty good figure, but this Ultra version is a bit of a disappointment. It's not that it's a bad toy. It's just... lacking. They really could have done more here. Recommended only to die-hard Cybertron fans.

Rating: C

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