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Series: War for Cybertron: Siege
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Battle Master
Year: 2019

Prelude: The Siege line is full of familiar characters from days gone by, including quite a few Targetmasters (now called Battle Masters) that should have come with the Titans Return figures. It also includes, though, a few out-there characters the likes of which we haven’t seen since Takara’s Arms Micron line. Battle Masters with non-standard robot modes, such as one that looks like a Pteranodon and is called… Pteraxadon. Not sure it’s the weirdest Transformers name ever, but it’s a contender. Here we go!

Robot Mode: Pteraxadon doesn’t have a classic robot mode as such. His “primary” mode, if you will, is a Pteranodon. His articulation in robot mode is pretty much identical to G1 Swoop. He can move his wings, nod his head, and somewhat move his little feet. You can pose him either standing or flying, he looks good either way. His feet are stable enough to perch him on the forearm of bigger figures and he is just an adorable little dino bird.

Bottom line for the primary mode: very nicely done. Considering the size and price point, it’s amazing how expressive they’ve managed to make this little guy.

Alternate Mode: Now technically Pteraxadon only has one alternate mode, a double-bladed battle axe. Basically it’s the Pteranodon with the head tucked in and the weapon handle flipped out from his back. The wings are the axe blades. The 5mm handle can be held by roughly 80% of all Transformers figures ever made and overall the axe looks pretty good, too. No complaints here.

Additionally, though, Pteraxadon has two more alternate modes (or rather two more ways his alternate mode can be utilized). Simply turning the weapon around gives you a laser rifle, which can be affixed to the forearm of any figure with a 5mm port there. The way the axe handle is sculpted easily lends itself to regarding it as a weapon barrel, too. And finally, you can flip the handle in and affix Pteraxadon to the back of bigger figure, where he now serves as a wing pack. So to sum it up: tons of play value in this small, deceptively simple little Transformer.

Accessories: Like all Battle Masters, Pteraxadon, too, comes with a “special effect”, in this case a blue impact boom of sorts. It can be mounted on either axe blade or be affixed to any Siege figure with the appropriate pins.

Remarks: Probably the main reason why the Targetmasters were renamed Battle Masters is that you don’t really “target” an axe (or a hammer or a sword). Then again, I could have lived with calling them Arms Microns or Arms Masters, too. Whatever the name, though, I always liked the concept of small partner robots and the Siege Battle Masters are doing a great job so far. Especially since not all of them are mere guns, but other weapons as well.

Considering his size and limited engineering, it’s amazing how much play value is contained in Pteraxadon. There is so much you can do with the little guy. So bottom line here: very good. Unless you are totally opposed to the idea of Transformers weapons being robots themselves, you should definitely take a closer look at Pteraxadon.

Rating: B+

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