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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Merchandise
Year: 2007

Vehicle Mode: What else could Starscream's blaster transform into but a fighter jet? In this particular version the jet resembles a F-14 Tomcat, somewhat more similar to G1 Starscream rather than the Movie version. You wouldn't mistake the jet for a real one, but it looks pretty decent. There is a nice, big Decepticon symbol painted on the back and you can store the foam missiles for the blaster under the wings, just like with a real fighter plane. So even though it is little more than the secondary mode for the blaster, it's still nicely done.

Weapon Mode: While it doesn't exactly resemble Starscream's famed null ray cannon (which wasn't double-barreled for starters), the blaster does look pretty cool. It consists of a kind of glove sculpted to resemble Starscream's hand (ignoring that the Movie version didn't have any hands), which holds a double-barreled cannon. Each barrel can be loaded with a foam missile, which is then shot with surprising force. Just like with the Big Rig Blaster I do have some doubts as to the safety of this thing, a kid could shoot someone's eye out with it, but apart from that, it's a lot of fun. Plus, it does have the advantage over the Big Rig Blaster that you can store your ammunition on the folded-down wings.

Remarks: If you have a life-sized gun for the good guys, you need one for the bad guys as well. And while it might have been fun to have Megatron's fusion cannon adapted to this concept, Starscream probably lent himself a bit better to it. I'm not sure I'd just put it in the hands of my small kid and let him run loose with it, but it's a lot of fun for an adult (who should be smart enough not to aim at somebody's face). My wife gifted me with this blaster to complete the set and once we've finished renovating our attic (which is 12 meters long, about 36 feet) we've got some shoot-outs planned. Lots of fun, people. Lots of fun.

Rating: B+
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