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Series: Robots in Disguise 2.0
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Warrior
Year: 2015

A master of special ops and right-hand man to Optimus Prime, Autobot Jazz keeps the music flowing and the Decepticons falling. Jazz is talkative and fun-loving, but Decepticons who underestimate him only make that mistake once. His love of Earth's culture makes Autobot Jazz a fierce defender of humanity who is willing to fight to the end.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Jazz might just be my favorite RID 2.0 toy yet. The robot not only has the classic Jazz look down pat, it’s also amazingly well articulated. Okay, no twisting wrists, but he has more than enough joints to pull off all sorts of cool poses (as Jazz is contractually obligated to be cool) and his feet are big enough that he has a solid stance no matter the pose.

RID Jazz looks wider and more muscular than most of the recent Jazz figures, giving him a more powerful image. At first glance his face looks a bit strange, but that’s mostly because the ‘chin-strap’ of his black helmet isn’t black, but rather silver like his face, which makes you think he has a wide-open mouth. I’m probably going to color that chin strap black, just to improve the visuals.

And speaking of colors, that’s Jazz’ main weakness. The figure is actually quite well-detailed, but much of it is swallowed up by the mostly white paint job. Jazz really needs some more colored highlights and details in order to bring his A-game. Also, he has a pretty weird weapon that seems half lance, half sniper rifle. A black gun would have worked just fine here, just saying. So overall: a good robot mode, really nicely done, but it really needs more painted details.

Alternate Modes: Jazz transforms into a futuristic white sports car with his traditional blue stripes. The car as such looks good and everything folds together well, but the lack of colored details becomes even more apparent here. Jazz has sculpted head and tail lights, room for license plates and even a tiny spot on the back where an Autobot symbol is clearly meant to go, but it’s all just white plastic and thus the detail work is pretty much swallowed up. Jazz’ weapon can be mounted on top which looks... strange. Better leave it aside. Anyway, a good car mode, but please, please, please add some colored details, somebody!

Remarks: Jazz only made a single appearance in the Robots in Disguise cartoon so far, being typical Jazz. Smooth, fun-loving, and competent. Which is just fine with me, because Jazz is – in my opinion – one of those characters best used sparingly. It’s cool when he shows up, but he is not the kind of character meant for continued center stage use.

The toy itself is pretty cool, probably my favorite among the RID 2.0 toys so far, but it really needs more colored highlights. Maybe not quite as many as the Takara version of the toy has, but definitely more than it has. I’m hoping for Reprolabels to come through here soon, otherwise I might have to grab my painting gear and do it myself. Anyway, Jazz is a definite recommendation, but do plan in some additional stickers or painting work.

Rating: B+
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