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Series: Universe 2.0
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Legends
Year: 2008

Robot Mode: There is little doubt as to who this little Legends figure here is a homage to. G2 Megatron is back and as bad-ass as ever. Only this time, at this miniscule size, he is a lot more posable than the G2 figure ever was. The legs actually move, people. And he can even turn his head (which causes the cannon to turn with it, seeing as it's fastened to the head).

Overall the figure is very well made for a Legends-class robot and leaves little room for complaint. I always preferred the tank Megatron to the gun Megatron, so this little robot here appeals to me very much. So the bottom line: One of the finest robots I've ever seen in this size-class.

Alternate Mode: Megatron transforms into a pretty realistic-looking green tank with purple cameo patterns on it. The detailing on the vehicle is pretty extensive for the size-class and the tank looks great overall. Play value is, of course, limited here. The tank turret can't turn and the gun can't be raised. Then again, G2 Megatron couldn't do any of these things, either, so I can't really complain. So overall, a good vehicle mode, if a bit unspectacular.

Remarks: The Classics / Universe line has brought back something that we haven't really seen since Robots in Disguise and, before that, Generation 1. Mini figures - originally called Mini Cars or Minibots, later Spychangers, more recently Legends figures - that are not just smaller versions of larger figures from that same line, but rather original ones. The line will bring back Minibots like Cosmos and Beachcomber, but right here we have a homage to none other than G2 Megatron.

Now I don't know why they decided to bring one of the biggest figures of the G2 line back as a Legends-figure, but apart from the size issue there really is nothing wrong with Legends Megatron. So when I walked through our local Real market and saw him standing there, I just knew I had to buy him. So unless you're totally opposed to small figures, Megatron is one for you.

Rating: B+
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