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Series: Generations GDO
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2012

Protectobot Hot Spot strives to be the best leader he can be. He refuses to ask those under his command to do anything he would not do himself. No matter the situation, he will always be found at the head of his soldiers, his voice calling loudly above the battle, and his cannons blazing.

Remarks: Hot Spot is the fourth version of this mold entering my possession, I’ve already reviewed Universe InfernoBotcon Spark, and Reveal the Shield Grappel (not shown in the comparison pictures above because I couldn’t find the damn bot. He turned up the day after I’d finished shooting). So I hope you forgive me if I forego a full review here and just write a few short words on the differences.

Hot Spot appeared in the (mostly) Asian-exclusive GDO subline of Generations and pays homage to the G1 Protectobot of the same name, of course, and was thus given a blue paintjob, a new head, and... strangely enough not a ladder (could have been an easy retool after the crane that came with Grappel), but rather the same water gun that Inferno and Spark got. Not sure why. Anyway, the new head looks pretty good and overall the blue paint with the fireball on the side in truck mode looks very spiffy. Now if this figure could actually form the torso of a Defensor combiner... but I digress. It’s still a great figure and the Hot Spot version is well done. Not a must-have, of course, especially if you already got any of the other versions, but a nice figure if you can get it for a decent price or are a die-hard Protectobot fan.

Rating: B-
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