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Series: Classics
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2006

Let's bend some tailpipes!
Don't be fooled by his small size: Cliffjumper is as tough as they come. Always spoiling for a fight, just hearing the word Decpticon is enough to get him riled up. He carries a unique gas-pistol that fires a cloud of nano-robots capable of making Decepticon armour as brittle as glass, but he'd almost always rather just toss his weapons aside and start swinging. More than one Decepticon warrior has ended up with a busted grill from underestimating Cliffjumper. He may not be very strong, but no one is more determined.

Robot Mode: As is often the case, this incarnation of Cliffjumper is a repaint of a Bumblebee, Classics Bumblebee in this case. No changes have been made to the actual figure, only the paint is different. Cliffjumper is, of course, mostly red with silver highlights and some grey and black parts for contrast.

Cliffjumper retains the jetpack Bumblebee also has and, just like BB, he has no weapon. Which is kind of a shame, considering that Cliffjumper is one of the most eager fighters among the Autobots, but he can easily wield a number of other guns. The only thing that really bugs me is that Cliffjumper hasn’t gotten a new head, he simply has Bumblebee’s head painted red. While the two characters are often repaints of each other, Cliffjumper does have a distinctly different head than BB, so it would have been good had he gotten a different one.

Apart from that, though, still an excellent robot mode. Nicely articulated, good-looking, no real complaints. Thumbs up.

Alternate Mode: Naturally Cliffjumper transforms into the same kind of car Classics BB did, only red. Everything folds together nicely, there are no visible robot parts, and the car even has an interior with visible car seats. Not sure why he has silver flames / patterns / whatever on the car, but to me they are neither a boon nor a detriment. Just like BB he can pull his jetpack transformed into a jet ski behind him. So bottom line, an unspectacular but fully sufficient car mode.

Modification: As I mentioned above, the only bad thing you can say about this figure is that the head hasn’t been replaced with one that is more ‘Cliffjumper-y’ than simply painting Bumblebee’s noggin’ red. At least two third party companies have issued replacement sets here. Since I have neither, though, I simply did a head swap with Generations Cliffjumper. While the shade of red isn’t exactly the same, I find it looks pretty cool and I think I’ll leave it like this (see last three pictures in the gallery).

Remarks: When the Classics line originally came out in 2006, I skipped Cliffjumper because I had little use for yet another BB repainted into CJ. Seeing as Classics became Universe became Generations and you now have pretty much the entire G1 Ark crew available, I was forced to reconsider as this is still the best CHUG-style Cliffjumper you can get. Okay, he could have used a new head, but as I wrote above that’s easily fixed in a number of ways.

Classics Cliffjumper is also the star of pretty much the entire Shattered Glass franchise, which has seen him displaced into a strange mirror universe where the Autobots are the bad guys and he is forced to fight alongside Megatron’s Decepticons. That’s two good reasons to get Classics CJ, plus he’s an excellent figure. Just factor in some extra money for a replacement head and a gun (CJ just looks strange without one) and you’re golden.

Rating: B+
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