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Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Cyberjet
Year: 1995

My mind may be slow, but I move like greased lightning!
Speed greatest assett - intelligence greatest liability. Screeches through the sky at Mach 5. Flunked flight school twice, eventuelly forged himself a passing grade. Escapes Autobot artillery thanks to plasma-powered engines. Powerful missile launcher only reason he has eluded capture... and destruction.

Robot Mode: Space Case, along with his fellow Cyberjets, was, at the time, pretty much the most posable Transformer ever. His shoulders and legs are ball-jointed, he has knees and elbows, and he can turn his head. This makes him capable of all kinds of dynamic poses and he doesn't suffer from any balancing issues, either, despite not having particular big feet. Space Case's paint job takes a moment to get used to. White and red looks good on him, but the blue-and-black checkers are an acquired taste.

Apart from the odd paint, though, absolutely no complaints. Like all the Cyberjets Space Case carries a claw / missile launcher for a right arm, where one of his yellow missiles can be clicked in. Space Case can also use two of his missiles as a kind of spears for close-quarter combat. So bottom line, an excellent robot mode with some strange colours.

Alternate Mode: I hope you don't ask me what model jet Space Case transforms into. The only thing I can say about that is that it's the same model that was used in the second season of the GI Joe cartoon series for the Sky Sharks, so a small bonus point here for nostalgia. Space Case looks pretty good in jet mode, I like the v-shaped wings pointing forward, very nice design. The jet has a fully functional landing gear and the yellow missiles can be stored underneath the wings.

Just like with the robot mode, the only slight downside is the black-and-blue checkers pattern, which is even more pronounced and visible here in jet mode. With some imagination you can pretend it's the Bavarian flag, maybe. I can see it now: Beware the Bavarian Air Force, they shoot deadly Weisswurst missiles. What can I say? I'm a Prussian boy. So let's shoot down them Bavarian flyboys! Getting back on track: An excellent jet mode, no complaints apart from the colour thing.

Remarks: Despite his kitchen-towel paint job I like Space Case a lot. I'm a sucker for jet Transformers, what can I say, and Space Case does a pretty good job as one. While there is certainly nothing extraordinary about him from today's point of view, at that time the Cyberjets, including Space Case, where pretty much the most posable Transformers ever thanks to their ball joints and pretty much paved the way for the Beast Wars figure design. And while Space Case isn't the best of the lot (Hooligan edges him out for number one spot in my opinion), he's a pretty decent figure. If you can get him for a decent price, then do it!

Rating: B+


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