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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Turbomaster
Year: 1992

Don't blink, I was that blur on the horizon.
Fastest and most ambitious of the Turbomasters; a flashy, streamlined dare-devil. The group tolerates his stunts because they usually pay off in the end. Uses super speed and maneuverability to get out of tight corners. As a vehicle, central elevating turbine brings high flying targets within range. As robot, wades in with massive turbo defense power.

Robot Mode: Flash is a rather generic car-hood-as-chest robot, but does score some originality points with the way the car doors form his shoulders. He’s mostly red (all the car parts) with grey-blue going on purple legs, upper arms and head. The head is a very nice sculpt, by the way, and the color contrast works pretty well here. Okay, the red doesn’t photograph well at all, but it looks fabulous in real life.

In 1992 we were still three years away from the advent of ball joints in Transformers toys, so it is hardly surprising that Flash, like most figures from that era, isn’t exactly a contortionist. He can move his arms at the elbow and his legs at the knees, that’s it. Okay, he can look up due to the transformation design (the head basically flips backwards), but all in all dynamic poses aren’t really his thing. He can only hold his turbine / missile launcher in the standard bent-elbow position. Not a bad robot mode considering the time, but not in any way spectacular, either.

Vehicle Mode: Flash transforms into a red sports car, no specific model. There is a big eagle sticker on the hood and yellow stripes on the sides. The highlight is, of course, the big turbine weapon that sits on the car’s back. It doubles as big-ass engine and weapon, capable of angling upward to aim missiles at flying enemies. The spare missiles can attach to the side of the car for storage. The only downside here is that you can clearly see Flash’s robot face through the transparent windshield. Apart from that, though, a pretty cool vehicle mode. Thumbs up.

Remarks: For some reason I’ve got a weakness for the Turbomasters. Might be because their European exclusives, might be because of the name, I don’t know. I do know that Flash brings me close to completing the line-up, but that’s pretty much the extent of it. He’s a pretty average figure for his time, but no more than that. He only scored a brief appearance in Dreamwave’s aborted “War Within: Age of Wrath” series and I think he made a cameo in some IDW comic or other, but other than that he’s not been all that visible. So the bottom line is: Unless you’re a big Turbomaster fan like me, I wouldn’t recommend dishing out money for this guy.

Rating: C
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