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Series: Prime Cyberverse
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Commander
Year: 2012

Bulkhead is fascinated with humans who put themselves in harm's way to protect others. They lack built-in armor, and yet they eagerly battle armed opponents or charge headfirst into dangerous fires. His latest mission is to transport, observe, and assist these human heroes.

Remarks: Battle Tactics Bulkhead is a straight-up repaint of Cyberverse Bulkhead, whom I've reviewed just a few days ago, so just some brief words on the differences. There really are just two. One is the darker paint job, giving Bulkhead a dark blue-grey instead of the previous green. The second one is the weapon. Instead of the mace attachment Cyberverse Bulkhead had, Battle Tactics Bulkhead comes with a gun attachment also made from translucent blue plastic. Just like the mace he can put it on either arm or store it on his back. And that's it. Apart from that, he's the exact same figure.

A combination of circumstances brought BT Bulkhead into my possession, one being that I briefly had Cyberverse Bulkhead in my possession before sending him on. I liked him, but not enough to go out and buy him. Then my beloved wife and I were in a toy shop we like that is not part of any big chain, so we always try to throw some business their way. And there was BT Bulkhead and my wife bought him for me. So bottom line: still a very nice miniature version of Bulkhead. Slight point deduction for being a repaint without in-media appearances, but otherwise: very nice. If you like the Cyberverse concept, at least one version of Bulkhead should be part of your collection.

Rating: B
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