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Combined form of the Constructicons:
Hightower, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Overload, Rampage, Scavenger & Scrapper

Series: Revenge of the Fallen
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Combiner
Year: 2009

Prelude: First off, many thanks to my buddy LimeWire, who loaned me his Legends-class Devastator for this review. And second, I've decided to change my normal review format a bit here. Normally I'd first talk about all the robot modes, then all the vehicle modes, and then the combined mode. The writing flowed more naturally here, though, by first looking at the indivudal team members, both in robot and vehicle mode, no separation here. The combined mode will still be extra. Just so there is no confusion, you've been warned.

Individual Robots: The Legends-class Constructicons are composed of seven(!) members. For simplicity's sake I'll be going through them in alphabetical order. So first comes Hightower, the yellow crane. Now this here is the only Hightower toy with an actual robot mode (such as it is). Hightower was never seen in robot mode in the movie and the only other toy version of him is a non-transforming vehicle. Hightower's robot mode doesn't really much resemble a humanoid figure. He has two big legs sticking out the sides, the crane assembly as a 'tail' out back (ending in a grappling claw), and two very tiny little arms out front, right under his head which is protected by a metal cage. Posability is pretty much zero here, but I do like the unusual look. The crane mode looks pretty realistic and as detailed as you can expect in this size class. Not my favorite Construction, but nice. Hightower forms Devastator's left arm.

Next up is Long Haul, the green dump truck, where we at least have a 'proper' figure for comparison. While there are differences, of course, Long Haul strongly resembles both his own Voyager-class toy and the 'bot we saw on screen. Posability isn't great, but he has some, and the level of detailing is quite nice for a Legends figure. The vehicle mode doesn't look quite as detailed as the robot mode, but it's still easily apparent as a huge dumb truck. So Long Haul does a solid job here in both modes, no complaints. He forms the right leg of Devastator.

Now we look at Mixmaster, the cement mixer, who actually reminds me more of Beast Wars Transmutate than anyone else. Resemblance to either the Voyager-class toy or the on-screen character is present, but not too hot. Mixmaster is relatively posable with his long arms and can move his legs, too, but his paint job is extremely boring in robot mode (pretty much all-grey) and barely any better in vehicle mode (add some silver). His vehicle mode looks realistic and is nicely detailed, but his robot mode is somewhat disappointing. Mixmaster forms Devastator's head.

Fourth in line is Overload, who is absent from Supreme-Class Devastator, making this his only toy incarnation, period. Overload transforms into an articulated dump truck, kind of the long version of Long Haul (what a play on words!). His vehicle mode is okay, if unspectacular. His robot mode, though, is my absolute favorite among the Legends-class Constructicons, at least when it comes to the sculpt. It looks nothing like its vehicle mode, very big and powerful. Now if only they'd have given him even a tiny bit of extra color to highlight his details. Sadly he is all-red except for the dark grey tires. A little more color and this guy here'd easily get an A-rating from me for his bad-ass look. As things stand he's still quite good, but could be better. Overload forms the lower torso of Devastator.

At number five we have Rampage, the yellow Bulldozer. Now Rampage severily disappointed me as a Deluxe-class figure and sadly his Legends-incarnation is no different. He does a decent job in vehicle mode, where the Bulldozer is about as detailed and realistic-looking as you can reasonably expect at this size, but his robot mode... well, you basically fold out the Bulldozer and stand it on end. Done. In robot mode Legends Rampage actually makes Deluxe Rampage look good. Don't really want to write much more here. Definitely NOT my favorite Constructicon. Rampage forms the left leg of Devastator.

Almost done, we've got Scavenger, the red excavator. Now leaving aside the whole Demolishor/Scavenger identity issue, what we have here is a very nice miniature version of the big Voyager-sized toy. Now whether you like the design of this toy is, of course, a matter of taste, I like this little guy here. He looks nice in both modes, can easily keep his balance with a little help from his hands, and has a nice level of detailing. See, if they'd added that same amount of color highlights they did here to Overload, he'd be great. Scavenger is doing very nicely here, thumbs up. He forms the upper torso of Devastator.

And finally we have Scrapper, who transforms into a yellow power shovel. Scrapper was actually briefly glimpsed in the movie, both in vehicle and robot mode, and comparing that to the toy we have here actually reveals a good deal of resemblance. Scrapper does nicely in vehicle mode, decently detailed, colored, and sculpted. In robot mode he gives Overload a run for his money when it comes to being my favorite. While he does share the same problem, being pretty much all in one color, he does feature at least miniscule paint highlights (red eyes, dark grey chest) and very nicely sculpted robot mode that I would have loved to see in Deluxe of Voyager size. Sadly this here is Scrapper's only appearance as a robot mode, but it's a very nice appearance at least. Thumbs up for Scrapper, who forms the right arm of Devastator.

Combiner Mode: The seven Constructicons can, of course, form the mighty Devastator. Well, he's not that mighty here, barely the size of a Deluxe-class figure, but he's the closest a fan can come to a Devastator that resembles, if not the huge beast seen in the actual move, the original Devastator concept art. So what else can we say about this combined robot here? Well, he actually is a combined robot in the sense that Transformers fans understand the term, meaning he's actually composed of multiple individual Transformers. He's got that over Supreme-Class Devastator. Whether or not he beats out the bigger guy in terms of looks is highly subjective. Neither fully resembles the Devastator we saw on the big screen, so that leaves just individual taste. Personally I like the look of the big Dev better, but again, that's highly subjective. Little Dev does look more complex, more like a jumble of parts, which is pretty much the norm for combiners. But again, whether you prefer this or not... subjective.

Where the bigger Devastator clearly beats out his little cousin, though, is posability. Which isn't much of a surprise, of course. Supreme Dev has both more mass to work with and didn't have to cram in individual robot modes into the limbs, so it's probably unfair to even make the comparison, but still. Big Dev can pose. Little Dev... can't. Or at least not much. He can swivel his arms at the elbows, shuffle his feet a little, move his head around a bit... little things. But for all intents and purposes he is a statue. Of course the original G1 Devastator didn't really have much in the way of posability, either. So in the end I can only give you my personal opinion, which is a bit divided. I do like this Devastator better on principle, because he's actually composed of individual robots, but judged purely in terms of (combined) robot vs. robot, Big Dev wins it for me.

Remarks: The history of the ROTF Constructicons is a history filled with misconceptions and uncertainties. Is or isn't ROTF Devastator a combiner? Is he comprised of six, seven or nine robots/vehicles? Are the individual components actual individuals? How many Constructicons with shared body types are there and how many of them can actually be part of Devastator? Given how widely designs, concept arts, and actual movie footage differ, there is probably no definite answer. Hasbro's official statement says Devastator is comprised of seven Constructicons, so I guess Legends Devastator is the most accurate one.

These Legends figures were sold individually in Japan and will come out (if they aren't already) as a combined giftset in the US, where they'll be a store exclusive. No sign of them in European markets as of yet. Takara-Tomy has also released a G1-colored variant of this combiner team. Now personally I was of two minds about this version of ol' Dev. While I was as pissed-off as everybody about the Supreme Devastator's lack of individual robot modes, I wasn't certain that having him made a 'proper' combiner in this size class would be an adequate substitute. Now having held him in hand, I've decided against acquiring him for myself. Not because he is bad, far from it. The individual figures are, while not spectacular, quite decent for the most part and the combined robot looks pretty nice, too. But first off I'm not a big fan of Legends figures to begin with and second I like to have my figures at least somewhat in scale. So a Devastator who's about as tall as Skids doesn't really cut it for me.

All of which makes it hard for me to give this guy an objective rating. Like I said, he's not for me. But if the scale isn't an issue for you and you prefer a combiner robot who's actually comprised of individual robots, then Legends-Class Devastator is worth a look or two. And since I gave Supreme Dev, who's cheated on the individual robot modes, a C+, I guess this guy here deserves at least a...

Rating: B-


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