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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Scout
Year: 2005

A soldier to the core, Armorhide is often frustrated by missions that don't go perfectly. He often finds himself aggravated during the search for the Planet Key on Earth. Still, he finds a kind of joy in the frequent battles with the Decepticon forces that seem to block him and the other Autobots at every turn. Tough dedicated and fearless, Armorhide neither asks nor gives any mercy in the ongoing battle with the evil Decepticons.

Robot Mode: A small, posable robot, Armorhide looks a bit plain. The front grill of the truck makes up most of his chest, so there is a certain lack of detailing here. I like his face, though, it makes him look pretty tough somehow. As a weapon he carries the tow crane from his vehicle mode. Additionally, the Cyberkey makes the front grill on his chest open up to reveal a huge missile launcher that makes up most of his upper body. A bit of an overkill for a small guy like this maybe, but nice. So all in all, a decent robot.

Vehicle Mode: Armorhide becomes a small black truck with a tow crane on the back. The vehicle looks okay, if a bit plain. Play value isn't exactly in abundance here. The tow crane can't swivel and needs to be removed if you want to insert the Cyberkey into its slot to reveal the missile launcher. Bottom line a decent vehicle mode, but no more than that.

Remarks: As a figure Armorhide strongly reminds me of G1 Huffer, a small, tough robot that transformed into a truck. For a scout Transformer Armorhide is okay, if a bit plain, and offers little to complain about or praise. A decent toy, but no more than that. Recommended only to those who want to complete their Cybertron line.

Rating: C+

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