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Series: Beast Machines
Allegiance: Vehicon
Categories: Basic
Year: 2000

The road to ruin is short when I'm driving.
Perhaps Megatron's most horrific invention ever is his army of programmable drones which unquestionably serve his every wish. Falling under Tankor's charge of specialized tank drones, Scavenger's application is focused on one thing: brute force. Heavy armor makes Scavenger practically unstoppable. Galva-conductors on his back channel deadly electric currents. Enjoys nothing more than getting out and wrecking something.

Robot Mode: Scavenger is a Basic class robot (today’s Scout / Cyberverse Commander class) and, like most Basic figures from the Beast Era, there is absolutely nothing to complain about here when it comes to articulation or attention to detail. And seeing as Scavenger did not appear in the actual TV series, the major problem most Beast Machines toys have - lack of resemblance to the TV equivalent - doesn't come into play here.

Leaving aside his small size, Scavenger looks like what he's supposed to be: a brute. He's got a tiny, tiny head atop a buff upper body sprinkled with weapons. His hands are big silver claws, while his legs seem bigger than they are because of the tank tracks. The big wheels on his back are probably supposed to be those galva conductors mentioned in his profile text, but they don't do much for me. Anyway, he's got his Vehicon spark crystal on his left hip and the tips of his claws are dipped orange (spilled Energon?).

Personally I think Scavenger would have come across better as a Mega-sized figure (today's Voyager class), but apart from the lack of size (the Tank Drones know how much that hurts) there is nothing worth complaining about here. A pretty cool, if miniscule robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Scavenger transforms into something that, at first glance, looks like a construction vehicle, maybe some kind of power shovel, but is actually more of a tracked attack vehicle with a monster-like weapons module on top of a long neck. Apart from a Gatling gun on one side and missiles on the other, it’s got a big mouth with teeth in it. The base of the neck is ball-jointed, so the whole thing can swivel around, pointing its weapons in just about every direction.

Not really that much more I can write here. I like Scavenger's vehicle mode, as it retains some 'beast' qualities despite being a fully technological alternate form. It nicely mirrros the whole deal about the Vehicons being Megatron's attempt at completely abandoning anything and everything organic, but finding it quite impossible to do so completely. Not sure that that was the intention, but it's my take on it. So bottom line, a nice vehicle mode.

Scavenger has a third mode, supposedly. Actually it's little more than the tank mode half-transformed into robot mode, meant to be some kind of battle station. Maybe there are people out there who like it. People not me.

Remarks: Given that the Beast Machines TV series featured a total cast of only 15 characters (or 13, rather, given that Silverbolt and Jetstorm were the same guy, as were Megatron and Noble), it’s not surprising that the toyline features a massive number of no-show characters. Scavenger here at least has the distinction of appearing in the “Transformers Universe: The Wreckers” comics in the shape of a horde of mindless drones, which were quickly demolished by said Wreckers. That was his only in-media appearance, though.

Not sure what else to write about Scavenger here. I like the designs of most of the Vehicon figures from the Beast Machines line and he is no different. Far from a must-have figure, but a good little drone and a possible candidate for army building if that’s your thing. Put this one in the column of toys worth picking up if you happen to see them for a good price.

Rating: B-


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