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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Legends
Year: 2007

Robot Mode: Megatron is recognisable as the character from the Movie, though he is much leaner and could be mistaken for Frenzy at first glance. Posability is average for a Legends-class figure, meaning not that much. The fact that the wings from the jet mode become his legs here hinders him a bit, as they are not exactly a stable platform. All in all a decent robot mode, but only just.

Vehicle Mode: The jet mode is the better of Megatron's two modes here, but not by that much. The jet looks like it's supposed to, but unlike with his larger cousins there isn't even an attempt here to hide the fact that his robot head is sitting on top of the jet. The vehicle mode edges out the robot mode by a hair's breath.

Remarks: I've never been a big fan of the Legends class of figures and Megatron has given me little reason to become one. He's an okay figure, does a decent job of portraying the character from the Movie (which didn't look that great to begin with), but that's pretty much it. If you want a Megatron, go for the Leader or the Voyager version. This one here should be a last resort.

Rating: C-

And for a second opinion the review by Sam:

Robot Mode: For so small a figure Megatron's robot mode is pretty well done. Die colouring is good, the detailing is diversified, clearly showing that we're dealing with a machine, not a plush toy. The posability is good, too, especially in the head. What bothers me are the shoulder joints, though. The arms can only be moved forward and backward, not sideways. Which is sad, because it really limits Megatron to boring poses.

Robo-Rating: C

Alternate Mode: I really dig this interstellar jet mode and the scenes in the movie, where Megatron transforms, are really a-rockin'. This little figure here does a good job of replicating that mode, easily edging out the robot mode. I have to say, though, that Phil didn't quite transform him correctly for his pictures. There is a possibility of hiding the head. There is a small joint in Megatron's chest. If you push the chin down on the chest and pull the nose of the jet, the head vanishes into the chest... at least far enough so you don't see the face anymore. A little knob remains, though.

Vehicle-Rating: B

Transformation: Hardly surprising, it goes super-fast. With a little practice you can transform him as fast as Megatron did in the movie. No problems here.

Trans-Rating: A

Remarks: The question is, of course, what you want to do with a figure this small. I got mine as a bonus when I bought Bonecrusher. If you have Optimus Prime Legends you can play out some epic mini-battles on long train rides or you can glue him to the top of your PC monitor. In my case he's become the mascot of our band's rehearsal room, watching us play from the top of our dehumidifier. I wouldn't call him a serious action figure, though, more of a merchandise-gag.

Total Rating: C
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