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Series: Revenge of the Fallen NEST Global Alliance
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2009

Things have been slow lately, so the discovery of a Decepticon hiding right under his nose was like a dream come true for Armorhide. He's enjoying working alongside Bumblebee, since his damaged vocal processor means the other the Autobot can't complain about his methods. Armorhide doesn't care about stealth or safety. All he cares about is bringing Dirge crashing down.

Review by Caked-Up:

Robot Mode: This mold has several features that would make it a perfect fit for a Decepticon. The head mold and the claws would scare anyone that it was trying to help. The character portrayed by Armorhide takes those details and runs with them. He is apparently brutal and vicious. I actually have no complaints about the robot at all. It really doesn’t get much better for stability and posability, even with the skates on his feet. I can’t figure out how, but Philister put the mold into a one-handed handstand. The detailing is still superb. I have had two figures (hence two weapons, sorry Wal-Mart) because the back wheel on the right foot fell apart every time he stood up. That was a quality control issue, not the figure. Outstanding figure all together.

Alternate Mode: Armorhide retains the S-7 Dune Buggy alt mode that Landmine had without any retooling. I don’t remember if the actual buggies were black or green, but he still looks better here too. It is still a very detailed machine that has a military feel to it. There are rivets, gas tanks, exhaust pipes, spring suspension, and even an engine hood. I only have two complaints about the vehicle mode. The first is that the bumpers are tabbed in and not glued. And the second are the seats. Getting them straight in cab rivals that of ROTF Leader Class Optimus Primes’ hood. Still this is another outstanding vehicle mode.

Conclusion: This is my second favorite deluxe ROTF figure. The paintjob on Landmine kept me from buying the mold before, but Armorhide has fixed that. Highly recommended to everyone.

Rating: A


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