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Series: Revenge of the Fallen
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Scout
Year: 2009

Born mindless and driven by the heat pulsing in his tiny body, Ejector knows nothing but how to burn. Even when he was a simple toaster burning things was what he did best. Now that he's got a simple mind of his own, and flamethrowers to go with it, he lives to torch everything around him.

Robot Mode: The first thing Ejector reminded me off was a Gremlin. His torso consists mostly of a big demon-looking face with a big maw and differently-sized eyes. He stands on tiny little legs (and yes, it’s the ROTF-standard chicken legs) and can unfold four arms, each ending in tiny little claws. He even has a tail (the power cord from his toaster mode) hanging off his butt.

Posability-wise Ejector is average for a current Scout-class figure, though his unusual body design hampers him a bit here and there. He carries no weapons, but from the looks of him he’ll just try and eat anything he comes across. All in all this robot mode is probably not for everyone, but it’s definitely something out of the ordinary and doesn’t have any flaws worth mentioning.

Alternate Mode: I guess you could call Ejector the only member of the Real Gear subline in ROTF, if that line was still around. He transforms into a household item, in his case a toaster. Which basically means he folds up into a rectangular box with some molding on top to suggest openings for bread slices and a power cord dangling off at one end. The detailing on the toaster isn’t exactly brilliant, but it’s recognizable as what it’s supposed to be. Not much you can do here (I’m waiting for the Device Label line to bring us a working toaster-bot), but it’s kind of fun to see a Transformer turning into a toaster.

Remarks: Ejector was created in the 2009 Transformers movie when Sam Witwicky found a splinter of the AllSpark Cube in his pants and it caused a bunch of kitchen appliances to come alive. All of these were subsequently terminated by Bumblebee (along with a large portion of the Witwicky home). Their remains were later recovered by Ravage, who was under the control of a human agency, and used to feed a newly created replica of the AllSpark Cube (in Tales of the Fallen and the Nefarious comic series). Ejector is the only ‘kitchen-bot’ to date to receive a toy version.

As a figure Ejector is a fun idea, being the only toaster-bot in Transformer history, but little more than that. Once you get past the novelty of having a toaster transform into a Gremlin-faced robot, Ejector doesn’t have a whole lot more to offer. So among a toyline that has quite a few truly superb and several outrageously bad figures to offer, Ejector just manages to get on the good side of average, but that’s it. Recommended only to those in it for the fun factor.

Rating: C+


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