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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2007

Longarm just wants to help. Whether it's hauling a stuck car out of a ditch of providing covering fire for a flanking action, as long as he's providing assistance to others you'll see a big grin on his face. That is, after all, what being an Autobot is all about. Helping, saving, protecting. He just doesn't get the Decepticons. They all seem so selfish. It doesn't make sense to him why anyone would want to live like that. It would be so tiring to be such a jerk all the time.

Robot Mode: Longarm makes for a squat, heavy-looking robot. He's not too tall and his big feet enforce the impression of solidness. Posability and detailing are pretty good, the former just a bit hindered by the car doors on his back, which restrict his shoulder movement somewhat. It's not a big thing, though, so no points deduction for that. I especially like Longarm's chest for some reason, the metal plating there really appeals.

For someone who, according to his bio, is more at home helping people, he carries a very, very big gun. Here we also come to the figure's one major flaw: The rifle is actually screwed into his hand, making it impossible for him to put it down. Thankfull that flaw can be remedied simply be removing the screw. Now he can put down the rifle and rest his arms. And you really don't need the screw, because he is fully capable of holding the rifle in his left hand without it. So unless you're opposed to south paws, get rid of the screw and you'll be happier for it.

Apart from the screw thing, there is realy nothing wrong with Longarm's robot mode. Fine look, nice posability, big feet, big gun, what's not to like? Just keep a screwdriver handy the first time you transform him into robot mode.

Alternate Mode: This is the form we saw Longarm in during the Movie. Wasn't him, of course, but rather a normal tow truck, but Longarm can at least pretend he was in the Movie. The truck looks pretty much like it's supposed to. I would have preferred for the lights to be fastened to the top of the car rather than being an extension of the towing arm, but that's just a minor thing. Longarm can two other Deluxe-sized cars without any problem. So no complaints about the vehicle mode.

Remarks: Longarm is a really good figure. Okay, he wasn't actually part of the Movie, but that's not the standard I judge toys by. And if you have a screwdriver close by, you can take care of his one big flaw in a matter of seconds. Not sure what the deal was with the gun being screwed into his hand, but whatever. Easily fixed. Longarm gives some much-needed reinforcement to the Autobots' Deluxe ranks and is a great figure to boot. So if you see him, get him!

Rating: A-
Additional Info:
It has since come to my attention that Longarm can do more with his rifle than just hold it in his left hand (or have it screwed into his right hand). Check out the last few pictures in the gallery to see him shoulder his rifle like a soldier at rest or mount it on his shoulder for long-range artillery support.
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