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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Deluxe Transmetal
Year: 1998
Robot Mode: Terrorsaur is a very scary-looking robot in perfect bad-guy colors: purple and chrome. Only the head somewhat resembles that of his Basic-Class predecessor, but that's okay. Like most Beast Wars figures he is very nicely articulated and leaves very little room for complaint. The only thing I don't like is that he doesn't really have any weapons. Okay, you can clip off his wings and give them to him as something resembling swords, but that doesn't really look that great. Apart from that, though, a very nice robot mode.

Beast Mode: Like his predecessor Transmetal Terrorsaur transforms into a Pteranodon. The flying dinosaur has the same basic colour scheme and evil look as the robot. The legs are a bit hazardous, but apart from that there is nothing to complain about in this mode, which is also very posable, right down to the beak. Like with all Transmetals Terrorsaur can modify his beast mode slightly to get a vehicle mode. There is some discrepancy between various sources as to what his vehicle mode should actually look like. I modified it so that his tail becomes the front of a jet and I think it looks better that way (hence the pictures). The other variant is to leave the Pteranodon as it is, simply fold in the legs, open the back, and flip back the turbines. I like my version better, but either way the jet mode is nothing too great. The beast mode looks better.

Remarks: Terrorsaur was one of the main TV bad guys in the first season of Beast Wars and even replaced Megatron as Predacon leader for a single episode. The show never saw him get transmetalized, though, he died in the first episode of season two. Nevertheless I think this is the better version of Terrorsaur, as it looks cooler, more evil, and more bad ass. This toy was later repainted for Beast Machines and Armada. Bottom line, a good, solid Transmetal Deluxe.

Rating: B
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