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Series: Hunt for the Decepticons
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2010

Autobot Ratchet has been part of some of the most brutal, destructive battles the galaxy has ever seen, but he has never faced anything like Payload. He can feel the power of the charging Decepticon rumbling through the ground. He just hopes that he is enough to stop the rampaging Decepticon courier.

Review by LimeWire

Prelude: When I saw the first picture of this figure I knew: I had to have him. Black and neon green are an excellent combination. Just great! The only sad aspect is, that he won’t look like that in the third movie.

Vehicle Mode: There are no changes to the vehicle mode in this fourth edition of the figure (there was that eyesore ROTF Desert Tracker Ratchet. Ugly as hell and successfully ignored. Once he’s on clearance for ten bucks or less he might be worth a look). The color scheme might just be the most brilliant I’ve ever seen in the Movieline, though I might be partial here because of my nickname ;-)

I’m a big fan of neon-green which - big surprise - is usually called lime green. The combination with black does add a big of a dark air to the figure, almost making him fitting for the Shattered Glass universe. Wouldn’t that be something?

Robot Mode: The robot mode, too, appears in new colors, of course, adding to the rather dark ambience. Put him next to Stealth Bumblebee and Nightwatch Optimus Prime and you have a Shattered Glass Movie line halfway assembled. Would probably look even better with Takara’s black repaint of the ROTF Prime, but that one’s a bit too expensive for my taste.

Transformation: Same old, same old.

Conclusion: No matter how accurate you want your figures to be, go and get this beautiful toy here. He’s a must-have.
Rating: B+
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