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Series: Star Wars Crossover
Allegiance: Other Villain
Year: 2007

A man of great skill and greater secrecy, Jango Fett is the fastest, smartest and most dangerous bounty hunter known. Using modified armor and new shape-shifting technology, Fett morphs into Slave-1 mode and flies off to attend a secret meeting with Lord Tyranus on Kamino. After making a shady yet lucrative deal to use his body as a template for a clone army, Fett decides to stay on Kamino and dedicate his time to training his newly cloned son, Boba.

Robot Mode: What can I say about Jango Fett in robot mode? He looks like a fat man (which is oddly fitting, seeing as 'fett' is the German word for 'fat'). He is barely posable. His weapons are tiny and bendy. His feet are freakishly small. Should I go on? I could, but they say that if you have nothing positive to say about something, then don't say anything. So I'll be shutting up now. Oh wait. I like his head, I always loved that Mandalorian helmet design. But that's pretty much it.

Alternate Mode: I think I owned the Slave-1 Star Wars vehicle back in the 80s, but even then I didn't much care for the design. It lies on its back when landed, it flies standing up, it has this huge cockpit canopy that just screams "most vulnerable spot, please shoot here!" and tiny, tiny weapons at the far end of it. So while I have to say that the vehicle mode of Jango Fett closely resembles the vehicle we saw in the movies, it's not a vehicle design I much care for, so no bonus points for that.

Remarks: Jango Fett may be the father/cloning template of Star Wars fan favorite Boba Fett and the well from which the clone armies sprang, but as a toy he is without doubt the worst Star Wars Transformer I've seen yet. Worse, there are actually two versions of it out there, as Jango Fett was repainted as Boba Fett (or vice versa, not sure which version was out first). Okay, any Star Wars line of toys can't really justify not including a Fett (Boba more than Jango, but seeing as the two are nearly identical, it doesn't really matter) and there really was no alternative as far as vehicle modes went, but still. Wasn't there any way to make this a better toy? So my bottom line is, don't buy this toy unless you're a die-hard Fett fanatic. And even then I'd think twice.

Rating: D
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