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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 1997

Mesmerized by his awesome appearance, enemies seldom realize the power of this Predacon... until it's too late. Striking silently from the sky, Jetstorm's internal coolant capacitors produce a toxic venom that, when regurgitated from his mouth, can destroy an enemy at a range of 500 feet. To keep his aerial competition in check, Jetstorm can launch twin air-to-air missiles that explode on impact in a blaze of destruction.

Robot Mode: Jetstorm looks pretty impressive in robot mode. He strikes a powerful figure and the dragonfly wings on his chest and arms make him seem broader than he actually is. His posability is up to the Beast Wars standard, meaning very good. The only thing I can complain about here is that the long dragonfly tail on the back is pretty useless and in the way. He can snap out the missiles from it, but there is no way to get them to point forward, meaning he is left without a weapon in robot mode. According to his bio he doesn't need any, as he spits venom from his mouth, but I still would have appreciated some kind of gun for him. As it stands he is a decent robot, but no more than that.

Beast Mode: Jetstorm becomes a dragonfly. Not really that much I can say here. It looks good, except the front pair of feet look slightly off. Not that big a flaw, though. In this mode Jetstorm can actually use his twin missiles, snapping them forward from his long tail and firing them at opponents. All in all a good beast mode.

Remarks: The most remarkable thing about Jetstorm is his name, which was inherited by Beast Machines Jetstorm, who was a pretty interesting character. Beast Wars Jetstorm, though, is not all that interesting. A decent figure, yes, but not in any way spectacular and not having appeared in the show there is really very little reason to recommend him. So unless you are a Beast Wars completist or really dig dragonflies, this figure won't be your thing.

Rating: C+
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