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with Rev

Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Powermaster
Year: 1988

Run hot, but always keep your cool.
An escape artist without equal. Uses finesse and logic to get out of any situation. Possesses expert tactical and strategic military skills. Binary-bonded to Rev, a smooth-running, 600 horsepower racing engine. Equipped with bullet-proof windows and shell-resistant battle armor. Built-in onboard computers can be programmed for long-distance navigation. Armed with a double-barrelled, plasma-shell shotgun.

Robot Mode: The robot Getaway is somewhat reminiscent of older-style Autobots like Bluestreak and Prowl with the car doors becoming wing-like appendices. All in all he looks pretty cool with his white/blue/grey colour scheme. In this mode the Nebulon partner Rev becomes an engine and attaches to his back, out of sight. Getaway has got average posablity for a Transformer of that time, able to move his shoulders, elbows, and knees.

Alternate Mode: Getaway transforms into a racing car and looks good as one. In this mode the Nebulon Rev becomes a humanoid figure (or you can put him in engine mode, too). Only drawback is that there is no way Rev can ride inside Getaway in this mode, but apart from that no complaints. Getaway's rifle can be fastened to the roof in this mode.

Partners / Add-Ons: Getaway comes with Nebulon Powermaster figure Rev. Unfortunately I don't have that one, but rather another one. It's Nebulon Hi-Q, really Powermaster Optimus Prime's partner. The real Rev is silver and red, but apart from that the two don't really differ that much and both fulfill the purpose of linking with Getaway's hood to enable his transformation into robot mode.

Missing Parts: As mentioned above, I'm missing Rev, but have another Hi-Q in his place.

Remarks: I bought Getaway mostly because I recently found an old picture of my mother, my sister, and myself (I was about ten, I guess) in which I was clutching just this Transformer. Call in nostalgia or whatever, but I knew then and there that I had to get this one back for my renewed collection. The concept of the Powermasters made a little more sense to me than either the Head- or the Targetmasters in that the bigger robot wouldn't be completely helpless (and the toy useless) if you lost the little robot. Getaway would have made a decent 'normal' Transformer as well, though, even without the Powermaster gimmick.

Rating: C+
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