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Series: Universe
Subline: Robot Heroes - G1 Series
Year: 2009

Description: Once again we have the original Dinobot Slag, who may no longer be called Slag because the word could be deemed as an insult, so now he's called Snarl. Whatever will the original Snarl do if he should ever be reissued as a Robot Hero or in another series? His name got stolen. But anyway, Slag/Snarl is the second Dinobot I've seen reincarnated in the Robot Heroes series and he does look pretty spiffy as well. A very close match (just cuter) to the original character from the TV series. Now if only he were allowed to keep his real name...

Slag/Snarl is accompanied by a Sharkticon, one of the Quintessons' enforcers. In the original G1 series we got a Sharkticon called Gnaw as a toy. Not sure if that's supposed to be him or just a 'generic' one, but whatever. He looks pretty good, also very close to the original animation model. So while I'm not a big fan of either the Quintessons or their goons, the Sharkticon looks cool. So all in all a very nice package.

Rating: A
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