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Series: Perfect Effect
Allegiance: Autobot
Year: 2012

Review by guest reviewer Laserwave13:

Prelude: This Toy or figure is not a product of Hasbro or Takara, but from a Third Party company called Perfect Effect. Already known for making small yet pretty great little figures like Shadow Warrior or the Scouting Force aka Reflector. RC or, as we know her, Arcee, is so far the first figure from PE featuring the larger Deluxe scale and is even more complex. Available either in white and pink G1-like colors or - in this case - as the B for Battle Mode Version in blue. I did choose the blue one since I like that from TF Prime and I do have enough Arcee figures in G1 deco. So how does PE RC perform?

Packaging: A quick look at the packaging. As is common for Third Party figures by now, she comes boxed. On the front a small window shows the toy blank and without any accessory attached. Those rest next to her in the plastic tray everything is coming in. Additionally there are a few pictures on the outside, how many weapons and some stuff that most of us probably cannot read. Inside the plastic tray, some small instructions and a nice little comic book.

Alternate Mode: Lets start with the vehicle or bike mode. First thing, every accessory can be stored within the bike, there are no leftovers. A very nice touch. The bike itself is of decent size and shows nearly no robot parts. Only the hands do show a little on the back, but only if you know what they are. Otherwise it’s not realistic but very well designed and very pleasing to the eye. Could be taken right out of some classic Anime movies. If you have seen Akira, you know what I mean. Very vibrant colors and a good amount of detail. Everything fits together nice and tight, but of course it is just a bike and there’s nothing much you can do here. She has a little kickstand and can fit Legends or Cyberverse Legion toys on her saddle, but that is about it. Not that you need more, of course. Great looking bike and that is good enough. You could fit her into the Classics universe or I guess also into War for Cybertron, your choice.

Transformation: As the number of accessories suggests, she is a little bit on the parts-former side. But that is common for Prefect Effect and well appreciated if you like your share of accessories. Some parts need to be detached before switching modes. A few form the sniper rifle, the other stuff goes on the back of the robot including her wings. The two guns and two swords are also stored there. If you don’t want her to have the rifle, then take it apart and attach all the parts in various places around the figure.

Transformation itself is not hard but the instructions can sometimes make it so. Be careful the first time, the joints are incredible tight on some parts and the feea and legs have a specific order in how they need to be transformed. But all in all pretty well done.

Robot Mode: Incredible! That is one word to describe her once she stands in front of you, especially packed with all the stuff she carries. Where to start? The vibrant colors, the details or the high articulation? This figure has every joint you could ask for and even more. The hands can rotate and tilt down, which lets her hold the swords almost straight out. Very cool! Only when you want her lying on the ground for a little sniping do you run into some limitations because her head can not look up all that much. Apart from that nearly every pose should be possible. And yes, she does have waist rotation, which does not really show in the pictures.

Colors are mostly blue and black with silver highlights, suits me fine because those colors are my favorites and make for a well-balanced combination. All the joints are tight to very tight and so far I could not find any production issues. The translucent swords also look very nice and her face does have a female appearance to it. Talking about the face, you also get a visor for her, but that does not attach very securely. It holds only by friction and to be honest, it does not look good. Recommendation, leave it in the box. For me a very nice and somewhat fascinating figure. Perfect Effect have outdone themselves with this, even more on a bigger scale than before.

Conclusion: Simply excellent! Great design, nice ideas, and very decent quality. The plastic feels sturdy and easily on the level of FansProject or MakeToys. For me, I like having many accessories like back in the old days, even more if you have more than one option of using them. There is virtually no reason not to recommend her. If you like Arcee or figures of her kind, go ahead and get her, no matter for which TF universe you want her. She just looks great even on her own. For me, I know I will also be getting the G1 version in time and I look forward to that upcoming Black Arachnia retool which I just have to have. The only downside is the price, which is not on the lower scale, but in my opinion worth it this time around. She even nearly beats out my favorite Prime First Edition and Animated Arcee. If you can get her, then go ahead and do it. Fully recommended!

Rating: A-

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