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Series: Generations Selects
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2022

Prelude: Remember that old G1 Ironhide toy from way back in the day? Well, that particular toy was really just a repaint of a toy from even further back in the day, namely the 1982 Diaclone Car Robot No. 2 Onebox Cherry Vanette, which was black instead of red. For a short time in 1983 the Diaclone figures were sold in the US under the name “Diakrone”, which is what the designation of this figure, DK-2, refers to. So, we got black Ironhide from before he was Ironhide, now sporting the body of Earthrise Ironhide and being sold as part of the Generations Selects line. Got it? Good, then let’s say go!

Robot Mode: One of my favorite molds from the War for Cybertron Trilogy was Siege Ironhide, so much so that I got both the Ratchet and Crosshairs repaint of it. Then the mold was retooled for Earthrise in order to give Ironhide his familiar Earth van mode and that one I happily skipped, mostly because of that huge extra part he has to carry around. But now here is DK-2, who shares that retooled mold, so let’s take it from the top.

DK-2 is a mostly black repaint of Ironhide with a red face and red thighs. The robot as such hasn’t changed that much from its Siege incarnation. The chest is a bit different, but that’s pretty much it. Articulation is the same, naturally, still quite good with no room for complaint. The main difference is, as mentioned above, that huge shield he carries, either on his back or on his arm, which forms the roof of his van mode. Now that shield can either be used as just that, a shield, as some kind of bladed weapon (the windows on one end for a point), or possibly even as a gun (the exhaust/gun ports at the other hand). When not used, DK-2 can carry it on his back either straight or at an angle (the latter looking better in my opinion).

Thankfully that huge thing is not DK-2’s only weapon, he also comes with a silver gun that closely resembles the weapon carried by the original G1 Ironhide toy. Side note: since DK-2’s black paintjob is also slightly evocative of Movie Ironhide, you can put the cannons of Prime Sergeant Kup on his arms for a near-perfect GeeWunn-ification of that Autobot.

Bottom line for the robot mode: Ironhide is back in black and looking really good, though I could have done without that huge black shield he needs for his vehicle mode. Apart from that, very nice.

Alternate Mode: I pity the fool who does not realize that DK-2’s vehicle mode resembles a rather famous vehicle from a 1980s action series, namely the A-Team van. It’s not the same model, of course, but the black paint with the stripes on the side certainly does call the vehicle driven by Mr. T to mind. And speaking of paint, can anyone explain to me why they forgot to paint that red hinge piece at the front? In robot mode it’s just one more red detail, but on an otherwise all-black van, it really stands out and not in a good way.

Leaving that aside, the van looks pretty good and while the large roof piece is a bit of a bother in robot mode, it nicely integrates into the vehicle mode here. DK-2’s gun can either be stored inside the roof or mounted on top for extra firepower. The roof piece’s rockets are now at the back of the van, giving the impression of a turbo booster. Nicely done. Then, though, there are the robot feet, which form the back of the van. Now they were in the exact same place for the Siege version, but that was a science-fiction style vehicle, not something that is supposed to look like an Earth van. On the plus side you can insert blast effects here, but otherwise: it just looks weird and really ruins the illusion of an Earth vehicle.

Bottom line: a nice vehicle mode in general, but only as long as you don’t look at it from the back. And they really should have painted that red hinge piece black.

Remarks: See above for the history of the black Ironhide toy aka DK-2, but what exactly is DK-2 Guard supposed to be in Transformers canon? Well, no idea. He could be Shattered Glass Ironhide, as he somewhat resembles Ironhide as he appeared in IDW’s Shattered Glass series. He could also be seen as a kind of unofficial crossover with the A-Team, as his vehicle mode somewhat resembles the famous van from that series. Neither of which is official, though, so make up your own mind as to where DK-2 Guard fits into canon.

Owning Siege Ironhide, I really felt no need to get the Earthrise version, but I’m kind of glad I got DK-2 Guard. Not just for the Diaclone vibe, but also because he just looks good in black. He’s not perfect, of course, the large shield in robot mode and the feet in vehicle mode are definite flaws, but overall he is still a nice figure and well worth getting. So bottom line: not a must-have, but recommended to Diaclone fans and fans of Movie Ironhide.

Rating: B-
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