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Series: Universe 2.0
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Legends
Year: 2008

Robot Mode: In robot mode Onslaught doesn't really have all that much resemblance to the G1 character of the same name. The head has some similarities, but that's pretty much it. Apart from that, though, the robot doesn't look bad at all. The colouring is decent and so is the detailing. The posability is pretty limited, though. Onslaught can move his arms at the shoulders and legs at the hips, that's it. Other Legends-class figures have done better. As a weapon Onslaught has a big shoulder missile/cannon that he can also flip back to lie flat against his back when he doesn't need it. That actually makes him one of but very, very few Legends figures who have a weapon. So overall, not a bad figure, but not particularly extraordinary, either.

Alternate Mode: Onslaught transforms into a kind of armoured transport with a big gun on top of it. It's sort of a cross between the artillery truck he was in G1 and the SWAT Tank his other Universe incarnation transforms into. The word SWAT is written on the side, but I rather doubt any SWAT team on the planet ever used a big rocket-launching tank like that. But anyway, the vehicle looks good overall. Only slight drawback is that you can somewhat see Onslaught's robot head in the gap underneath the big rocket.

Remarks: Onslaught isn't exactly among the most widely known classic Transformers characters, so it's a bit of a surprise that he receives not just one but two incarnations for the Universe line. Whereas the Ultra-class Onslaught is a completely new figure, though, this Legends version here is a repaint of the Cybertron Legends figure Red Alert (of which I own the Ultra-version). Still, it's a nice figure overall. I'm not a big fan of Legends-class figures, but this one here does more or less okay. If the Ultra-class Onslaught is to expensive for your taste, this one here is a cheap alternative.

Rating: C+
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