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Series: Robot Masters
Allegiance: Destron
Year: 2004

Develops tactics to deal with both air and land. His enormous, six-barreled gatling cannon boasts of destructive force in the tens of kilotons. Body contains a purification plant that can adapt to various types of energy.

Remarks: Gigant Bomb is a repaint of Generation 2 Dreadwing, so look there for the full review. Only some remarks on the differences between the two figures. The most obvious is the lighter paint job, of course. Where Dreadwing was dark blue and green, Gigant Bomb is light blue and grey. Dreadwing had no handgun, relying instead on his huge gattling gun or one of the rifles he could borrow from his partner Smokescreen. Gigant Bomb has a transparent green handgun, which looks a bit small for his giant bulk, but otherwise okay. Gigant Bomb also has smaller fist holes.

The G2 Dreadwing mold has been reused numerous times. It made in appearance in the Japanese Beast Wars II series, in Robots and Disguise, and now once again in the Japanese Robot Masters series. I have no problem with that, it's a pretty great mold and there is very little to complain about here. Just one thing: In G2 you got both Dreadwing and his smaller partner Smokescreen in a single package. In Robot Masters you have to buy Smokesniper, the repaint of Smokescreen, separately. That's the only reason why I'm giving Gigant Bomb a slightly worse mark than Dreadwing. An excellent figure.

Rating: A-
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