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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Combat
Year: 2004

I rule the skies.
Slugslinger is a crude and vile Decepticon. His ariel speed and battle tactics are the two reasons that Megatron keeps him around. He takes just as much pleasure in starting trouble between his own teammates as he does fighting Autobots. In robot mode, this troublemaker possesses an impressive weapons arsenal. Many Autobots try to avoid a direct gun fight with him. In vehicle mode, Slugslinger's speed and endurance in the air are second only to Megatron.

Robot Mode: Slugslinger is a winged robot with good posability and a somewhat strange-looking face. One eye has a monocle-like sensor on it and the side of his mouth is drawn up in a half-grin. Strange. Apart from that he looks uite good, but suffers from some problems with his construction. His arms are hampered by the jet landing gear (and are a bit malformed anyway) und if he swivels his huge gun back the missile hinders the leg movement. I like his look, but these minor flaws drag him down somewhat.

Vehicle Mode: Slugslinger transforms into a jet, one who has taken its look from its G1 predecessor. A double cockpit und short, stubby wings coupled with a futuristic look. His large shoulder cannon now rest underneath the belly and juts out between the cockpits. The jet has a functional landing gear and an all-around good look to it, except that it does seem a bit less than aerodynamic.

Remarks: Slugslinger is one of those Transformers that were made exclusively for the toy stores, he never appeared in the cartoon. Maybe that's part of the reason why he seems to have been constructed somewhat half-heartedly. He's not a bad toy, but does have some avoidable flaws. As reinforcement to the Energon Decepticons he makes a decent figure. Recommended to completists.

Rating: C+

Review Revisited - 2020-04-05: It's been 15 years since I reviewed this figure and looking back, I must say that I really like Slugslinger's weird look in robot mode and I also like his strange-looking alternate mode. The alt mode isn't terribly stable, something I neglected to mention in my original review, the two cockpits especially. Still, a pretty cool toy. Not an all-time classic or anything, but I would pick it up again and I don't regret keeping it for so many years.

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