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Series: Henkei! Henkei!
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2010

Prelude: Ah, Hot Rod (aka Hot Rodimus, Rodimus Major, Rodimus Convoy, Rodimus Prime or just Rodimus), what can we say about him? He who saved Autobot City in the 1986 movie by discovering the Decepticons on the approaching shuttle. He who tried (unsuccessfully) to save a monologueing Optimus Prime from being gunned down by Megatron. He who claimed the Matrix of Leadership (by being a better catcher than Ultra Magnus) and destroyed Unicron (by virtue of his fingers fitting into the handles). Also, one of the best and most-often reused figures from the Classics line. I already reviewed this mold multiple times, the first time 13 years ago, but it’s been a while. So here we go, Rodimus Convoy (aka Hot Rod) from “Welcome to Transformers 2010” (which was 9 years ago and makes me feel old).

Robot Mode: Rodimus Convoy here is mostly identical to Classics Rodimus, but built from translucent plastic. Pretty much everything except the black parts (hands, feet, wheels, etc.) is translucent. The rear spoiler is chromed gold instead of orange and it’s got an Autobot symbol already on the chest/hood, no extra sticker needed. Apart from that he is the same excellent figure that Classics Rodimus was. It’s got the Hot Rod look down pat, comes with a miniature saw blade in his right arm (a nod to the 1986 movie), and carries a missile launcher with a flame missile for a weapon that can double as a rocket pack.

The proportions of this figure are a tiny little bit off, I’d say, as the head is very small compared to the rest. Then again, G1 Hot Rod had a very big head compared to the rest, so maybe that is just compensation. From today’s standpoint the articulation of the figure could be better, of course, but for a 2006 design it was fabulous. No complaints. Still very much liking this figure and yes, it can wear the Fansproject Protector Armor, too (see pictures). There is even a special “Crystal Version” made specifically for this figure.

So bottom line: still an excellent robot. Personally I’m not much of a fan of translucent plastic in Transformers, but that’s just subjective.

Alternate Mode: Rodimus Convoy naturally transforms into the same kind of stylish, sleek sports car that Classic Rodimus did. The Hot Rod car design is actually one of my favorites and this version of it here looks very cool. Rodimus’ missile launcher serves as an exhaust here and you can insert the flame missile to simulate an afterburner. It’s also possible to flip the spoiler and weapon forward, thus arming the car. Not much more I can write here that the pictures don’t tell better. An excellent, extremely cool-looking car mode. No complaints.

Remarks: In Japan the third season of the original Transformers cartoon was set in the year 2010 instead of 2006. So when the actual year 2010 rolled around, a cross-series promotion called “Welcome to Transformers 2010” was announced, giving us several repaints and homages to the characters appearing in the 1986 movie and the third season. This included the “Sons of Cybertron” pack, which contained this excellent figure here, as well as the far less impressive Convoy, based on the disappointing Classics Deluxe Optimus Prime mold.

Bottom line here: everyone who isn’t utterly opposed to the Hot Rod / Rodimus character should own at least one version of this excellent mold. I gave Classics Rodimus an A-rating back in the day and Rodimus Convoy here would have gotten the same if not for being available solely in a two-pack with a pretty bad second figure. So if you can get him loose (or the two-pack for a very good price), go for it. But there are more versions of him out there you can get without the excess baggage.

Rating: A-
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