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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Mega
Year: 1997

There are few that can match Transquito's uncanny ability to track and discover hidden Maximal outposts. Converting to combat mode, he can hold off several Maximals at once with huge, poison-tipped pinchers. Any unfortunate robot surviving a strike from these pinchers is immediately afflicted with an irritating rash and sent into a delirious rage. His powerful wings hurtle him to blazing speeds and create an annoying high-pitched screech known to drive Maximals out of their minds. His manner is highly obnoxious and dangerous, a point well illustrated by a frequent and destructive habit of firing his missile launcher unnecessarily when upset. Transquito is hated by all who know him.

Robot Mode: Like many other insect-based Transformers Transquito is a roughly humanoid figure with quite a few insect-elements about him. This includes the head, the wings on his back, and the insect legs hanging off his arms. In fact he does resemble Waspinator quite a bit. Only Transquito is a bit larger and the insect legs on his arms are even longer. Quite long, actually. You can fold them backwards a bit, but still, they're huge.

Like most Beast Wars figures Transquito leaves no room for complaint in terms of posability and detailing. The big insect legs on his arms do restrict him somewhat, but he can manage. The wings on the back can be swiveled up or down, do as you like. The wings can also flip open into a kind of grabbing claw, though that is of more use in beast than in robot mode.

Weapon wise Transquito has a mouth missile. I'm not a big fan of missiles shot from the mouth, but Transquito does it better than Bonecrusher for example. He looks much better if you leave the missile out, though. All in all Transquito looks like a pretty good bad guy and suffers from no obvious flaws. A nice robot mode.

Alternate Mode: As you might expect from a guy called 'Transquito' he TRANSforms into a mosQUITO. Leaving the rather lame play on words aside, the beast mode looks pretty decent. It actually looks pretty close to an actual mosquito, especially if you put the missile into the launcher under his insect head to serve as his stinger. All six legs are fully posable and the wings can be made to flap with the lever on his back.

Transquito has a kind of third mode he can assume, a variation of the mosquito. He basically turns around, unfolds the 'wingpack' and flips out the wings into claws. Voila, a kind of earwig. Who has a mosquito head on his ass. Or something like that. The unfolded wings can also be flipped forward to give the mosquito a claw-attack.

One of the biggest insects among the Beast Wars figures, Transquito makes a pretty good figure in beast mode. Again, no obvious flaws. Nothing outstanding, either, but pretty good.

Remarks: Transquito is another of the many, many Beast Wars figures that never scored an appearance in the TV series. Under the name Big Mos, though, he did appear in the Japanese Beast Wars II series, where he was the leader of the Insectrons (pretty much every insect-based BW figure that didn't appear in the TV series). Transquito also appeared in the IDW Beast Wars series as one of the Predacons travelling to ancient Earth alongside Magmatron.

While he's rather small for a mega-class figure (today's Voyager class) Transquito is still one of the bigger Beast Wars figures. He isn't particularly outstanding, but he's a nice, solid figure that combines all the good traits of the Beast Wars figures into a nice package. He's certainly not a must-have, but he's nice. Recommended to Beast Wars fans who don't mind figures that didn't appear on TV.

Rating: B
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