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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Scout
Year: 2005

Skittish and suspicious, Ransack is a loudmouth bully, always ready to intimidate others into giving him what he wants, but only when his big partner Crumplezone is around. With the energy of the Speed Planet flowing through his circuitry, everything about him is fast - sometimes too fast. Unable to stop thinking or moving, his hyperactive mind tends to draw connections between unconnected things, and he sees conspiracy everywhere.

Robot Mode: Ransack in robot mode captures the image of his cartoon character almost perfectly. Small, nimble, a constant smirk on his face, and seemingly looking for trouble all the time. His posability is excellent and I just like his look very much. His weapon, when activated by his cyber key / force chip is pretty big, but that fits his image, too. Looking at how some of the other Transformers who have motorcycle alt mode look, he is probably the best biker bot ever.

Alternate Mode: Transforming into a motorcycle, Ransack does a pretty good job. The resulting bike doesn't exactly look like something you'd see anywhere on Earth, but it's recognizable as a motorcycle and looks like futuristic Japanese bullet bike (I'm reminded of the Akira movie). Anyway, a very good bike mode. By inserting his cyber key / force chip you can flip out additional exhaust / rocket thrusters from his back, giving him a boost in speed.

Remarks: As I stated above, Ransack might just be the best motorcycle Transformer I've ever seen. Both his robot mode and his alternate mode look pretty good and despite his small size he manages to be detailed and even carries a very nice (or devious, rather) facial expression. In the cartoon he was a likeable mischief maker along with his partner Crumplezone, so I fully intend to complete this dastardly duo for my collection as well. Ransack is definitely recommended.

Rating: B+

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