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Series: Beast Wars II
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Autoroller
Year: 1998

A warrior who once made his name resound throughout all of space as a mercenary, he had fought against and been beaten by the Destrons, but was saved by Galvatron just before he was to be executed. Since then, he has placed all his loyalty towards serving directly under Galvatron as captain of his bodyguards. The twin homing missiles on his right arm tenaciously chase down his quarry, while the pincers on his left arm can be used as a stun gun.

Remarks: Beast Wars II Autostinger is a straight-up repaint of G2 Dirtbag, whom I have previously reviewed. So just some words on the differences here. Whereas Dirtbag came in Constructicon-green with orange missiles, Autostinger has gotten a yellow paintjob with purple missiles. And... yeah, that’s pretty much it for the differences.

The four Auto-Rollers, only two of whom were actually released in Generation 2 before the toy line went belly-up, returned as Galvatron’s bodyguards for the Japanese-exclusive Beast Wars II series. I’ve only seen portions of that series, but I don’t think they really had big parts. Doesn’t change the fact that I personally really like the Auto-Rollers and I still consider them the best auto-transforming toy figures of the entire franchise to this very day. They’re certainly not must-haves, but good. Recommended to all G2 and Japanese BW fans.

Rating: B
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