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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Ultra Transmetal 2
Year: 1999

What does not destroy me makes me strong. What attempts to destroy me shall be obliterated.
Megatron - supreme tyrant, evil genius, and commander of the Predacons - combines brute strength, military cunning, ruthlessness and terror to achieve cruel methods of oppression. Fused with original Megatron's spark essence and thrown into a volcano, he rises into his most powerful and befitting incarnation yet: the dragon. Breathes pyro-beam torpedoes that give birth to flames burning 1000 times hotter than oil. Deploys wings in beast, ground speeder, and robot modes. Can fly up to 400 mph. Tail fires electro-static energy and captures enemies for later torture. Travels up to 250 mph as ground-speeder while retaining full combat capabilities. Now experiences difficulty controlling rage, leaves excessive wake of fire and devastation. Recognizes this weakness but believes new Transmetal 2 form will empower him to defeat Optimal Optimus.

Robot Mode: Once again a very show-accurate toy, depicting Megatron as he appeared in the last few episodes of the Beast Wars series. That said, the robot has some problems (as did the show character), the main one being that his black head makes it look like he's wearing a red rubber suit. His posability is good, if somewhat hampered by the wings and the long dragon neck that is his left arm. The neck is rubber, which isn't all that good, as it stays bent once its bent. They should have used plastic links here or something sturdier, that would have allowed Megs to actually pose his arm instead of it just hanging down all the time. All in all, a good looking robot with some engineering problems.

Beast Mode: Megatron transforms into a winged dragon and gives a good showing here. The problems with the rubber neck are still there, of course, but not as troublesome in this mode. A funny detail: His robot mode head is now at the base of the tail, meaning it's stuck to the dragon's ass. Anyway, a good beast mode that can be modified somewhat into a wheeled vehicle of some kind. Not sure what it's supposed to be. Leave him as the dragon.

Remarks: Breaking into the Ark, Transmetal Megatron stole the spark of the original Megatron and transformed into this Transmetal 2 version. He stayed like this until the end of the series and well into the Beast Machines cartoon before becoming a flying head, but that is another story.

The figure as such is good, though it could have been better if they'd used sturdier material for the dragon neck. The rubber parts pose a real problem in robot mode and aren't that good in dragon mode, either. Apart from that, though, a figure well worth acquiring if the price is right. I bought it in Birmingham and was surprised to learn that, if I'd have wanted the box with the inserts, I would have paid ten pounds more. So I left the inserts out and got him relatively cheap. Go figure.

Rating: B
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