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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Basic Fuzor
Year: 1998

Temperamental and solitary, Bantor relishes his Fuzor animal fusion. Enhanced by the attributes of a baboon's and tiger's instincts, he is a natural warrior in total flux with the ways of combat. Extremely versatile, Bantor combines the cunning patience of a tiger with the near-demented frenzy of a baboon, deleting the need for ammunition in close-range combat. Optimal Optimus' first choice for recon demolition missions, Bantor can traverse deep into Predacon territory and escape undetected. Largely unknown by the enemy, his reputation for setting undetectable traps exceeds his identity, though his power-ram head butt and right hook are widely considered devastating.

Robot Mode: Bantor is a basic-sized Beast Wars figure and, as such, has very little to complain about in terms of posability and detailing. Beast Wars has a very high standard here and Bantor fulfils it quite nicely. In robot mode the baboon's head forms his right shoulder and includes an extension gimmick, that gives him a powerful punch. Weapon wise he uses... well, basically it's the ass of his beast mode, including the rear legs and the tail. It's a combination of sword and gun and looks pretty good, though the legs on the sides of it look a bit unusual.

There is little more I can write about Bantor's robot mode. It's good, it looks nice, but it's not in any way spectacular. It upholds the high Beast Wars standard, but doesn't really go beyond it in any way. So the bottom line finds this robot mode on the good side of average.

Alternate Mode: As a Fuzor Bantor transforms into a hybrid of a baboon and a tiger (I thought a lion, but the tech spec says it's a tiger and he does have stripes on his back). The baboon supplies the head and one of the rear paws, the tiger supplies the rest of the body. The front legs are a bit oversized when compared to the rear ones, seeing as they're composed of the robot mode legs, and you can see one of the robot mode arms, seeing as it composes the jaw of the Fuzor. Still, overall it's a nice beast mode, though not the best Beast Wars has ever come up with.

Remarks: Bantor, well... what can I say about him? Nothing, really. Didn't appear in any of the Beast Wars TV series and had no more than a cameo in the IDW comics. I acquired this figure here about a year or so ago, but had some problems finding the enthusiasm to actually write a review about him. He's not a bad figure, mind you, but considering his complete lack of media appearances and lack of any outstanding features... well, there were always other figures. Now, though, he's here. And, well, like I said. Not a bad figure, but not in any way spectacular either. On the good side of average for a Beast Wars figure, but nothing more than that.

Rating: C+
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