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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Neutral
Categories: Merchandise
Year: 2007

Remarks: It's hardly a surprise that the merchandising wave would include a Transformers advent calendar released in time for the holiday season. Sadly it's not been released here in Germany, but we are living in a global community and, of course, there are loving people such as my beloved wife, who spared neither time nor effort to get her darling something nice for the holidays. Thanks, my dear. I hope you like your Barbie advent calendar just as much.

The calendar contains (big surprise) 24 little doors with chocolate behind them. On the insides of the doors you can see (at least judging by door number one) pictures of the Transformers as seen in the movie. At the bottom there is another big chunk of chocolate, which can only be accessed come Christmas Eve. And on the back of the calendar you find all the necessary parts for assembling an Optimus Prime jumping jack (of course I won't cut it out until all the chocolate has been eliminated).

So if you're still looking for a nice advent calendar, maybe you'll get lucky and find another one of these via ebay or other sources. Have fun eating.

Rating: Delicious

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