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Series: Superlink
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Mega
Year: 2004

Courage and fortitude are the foundations of a true warrior.
Wing Saber served as a first class transport for members of Cybertron's high council before he discovered his true calling as a warrior. His incredible speed and ariel skills have made him a valued member of the Autobot team. In jet mode, his stealth abilities allow for long range attack that have given the Autobots the upper hand during many offensive maneuvers. Wing Saber takes great pride in his standing with the Autobots and has proven his loyalty and devotion to Optimus Prime on many occasions. His ability to powerlinx with Optimus gives their combined robot form impressive flight capabilities. Megatron has kept an admiring eye on Wing Saber and hopes to someday sway this great Autobot warrior to the side of the Decepticons.

Robot Mode: At first glance you can see that Wing Sabre is heavily manga-influenced and it comes as no big surprise that he's produced by Takara instead of Hasbro. Whether or not you like the manga-look aside, Wing Sabre does not exactly a good robot make. He's little more than a brick, able to spread his legs and bend his arms (sideways) at the elbows. That's it. His only weaponry are his 'toes' and the missiles he can deploy from his knees. Manga-look aside, they really could have done a lot better here.

Alternate Mode: Likewise for the vehicle mode. Wing Sabre becomes something that might have been intended to resemble a stealth bomber or flying wing, but it doesn't look terribly good as either. It's a contorted robot trying to look like some kind of plane. This is a mode you can pretty much write off.

Combiner Mode: The one area where Wing Sabre truly shines is his combination mode. Wing Sabre can combine with Optimus Prime into Wing Optimus. He splits into four parts, which substitute for Optimus' four OP Force vehicles and function as arms and legs while Optimus is the torso. If Optimus uses Wing Sabre's upper body parts as arms, he gets huge wings. If he uses Wing Sabre's legs as arms, he becomes a heavily armed artillery machine. I like the latter mode a bit better, but both look pretty cool and are the real reason why I bought this toy.

Remarks: Wing Sabre is (at the time of this review at least) an exclusive Japanese toy and has not been released in America or Europe. His heavily manga-influenced look may be one reason, the lack of posability another. I don't know. I only got him because he has a very good combiner mode with Optimus Prime, no other reason. He had an interesting part in the cartoon, a former prison guard obsessed with recapturing Shockblast and avenging the death of his friend and partner at the hand of that Decepticon. The sad thing is that I'm sure they could have made a much better toy out of him, but apparently didn't see the need to. Wing Sabre is a good idea with poor execution.

Rating: D+


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