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Allegiance: Decepticons
Toyline: Movie Custom
Year: 2008

Gridlock was originally a gentle robot called Voorhees, who enjoyed life in Cybertron's famed Crystal City. Then the war broke out. Voorhees wanted no part of it, but when a battle spilled into Crystal City it destroyed his home, killed his proto-kin, and left him for dead. Voorhees recovered, but his neural net was heavily damaged and little remains of his former personality. Now called Gridlock, he formally wears the Decepticon crest, but his true motivation is revenge and the destruction of all who fought in Crystal City that day, Autobots and Decepticons alike. He hides his former face under a fierce mask and now lives only to sink his titanium blades into the soft circuitry of those who destroyed his life.

Remarks: Gridlock here is a custom-made repaint of Movie Wreckage with a different head (courtesy of Movie Landmine). So for the details of the figure, its posability, alternate mode and the other usual stuff, check out the reviews references above. Here we have just some words on the changes Limewire made. Now the Wreckage figure is a pretty good one, but the original suffered from a truly boring paint job. White with grey spots. The robot mode was made more interesting by the red limbs, but it was still not the most amazing paint job in the world. Limewire chose to give Gridlock a more military-style paint job in a green/brown cameo pattern, adorned by his traditional polished/scratched metal look. That alone serves to make Gridlock a lot more interesting visually than Wreckage.

I was always a fan of Landmine's head. Reminded me very much of a hockey mask. It fits very nicely onto Wreckage's body and manages to make him very much different from the first Wreckage, who had a very differently shaped head. Apart from the head, the overall look of the figure will certainly remind many fans of a certain official Wreckage repaint that was first seen in the early stages of the ROTF toyline. Many assumed it would be a new version of Wreckage himself (and it was used as such in the ROTF Prequel comics), but turned out to be Bludgeon. Whatever the name, though, this custom here was created before any pics of that official figure were leaked.

What else can I say? We have here a good figure, decked out in a nice and expertly applaid paint job, with a great-looking head. Certainly not the most spectacular of Limewire's repaints, but a good, solid job. Btw, first one to guess on who/what Gridlock's profile is based gets an honorable mention here. Oh, and Limewire originally supplied a huge gun for Gridlock. I messed up here, not realzing it was meant for him, and so I didn't photograph it. So be a dear and imagine a huge rifle in Gridlock's hand, okay?

Rating: B


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