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Series: Superlink
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Command
Function: Emperor of Destruction
Year: 2005

I shall rule the entire universe...that is the future!
Galvatron has acquired enormous power from an ancient force known as Super Energon. The Destron Emperor will achieve his goal by any means, and his might has struck terror even among his own forces, not to mention the Cybertrons. Now the time has come for him to bring the eons-long war with the Cybertrons to an end so that he can become the true ruler of the universe.

Robot Mode: This figure is a repaint of the Japanese Superlink Galvatron figure, available in the Western world as Toys R’Us Exclusive Command-Class Megatron, a smaller version of the bigger Energon Super-Class Megatron. The first version of this figure was already a dead ringer for the original G1 Galvatron, but this repaint takes it one step further, applying the paintjob Galvatron sported in the cartoon series (similar to the Animated G1 Galvatron figure) to give us possibly the best version of Galvatron across all series.

Looking at the robot mode, one has to appreciate the massiveness of this figure. Thanks to its broad build and the wings on its back it's almost as broad as it's tall. Nevertheless the figure is remarkably posable. The arms are especially well done, featuring full shoulder and elbow movement. No wrist movement, sadly, but that's just about the only downside. Naturally the figure's bulkiness and broad weapons somewhat restrict the more dynamic movements, but not by much.

Look-wise this is, without doubt, Galvatron. Not just in the colors, but also in the various details sculpted into the torso, such as the 'button' on his hip where the original Galvatron figure activated his light & sound effects. The only thing that, to me, is a bit out of place is the yellow used for his shoulder cannons, the sword, and parts of the wings; here I'd have preferred the orange of the original Galvatron's arm cannon. Apart from that, though, no complaints at all regarding paint job and detailing.

In terms of weapons Galvatron really can't complain. Apart from the two built-in shoulder cannons he has a purple-colored tank drone, which he can either use separately or attach to either of his arms. When attached, he can either use the tank's cannon or flip the whole thing around and attach the yellow sword (which is stored in the jet cockpit on his back) for close-quarter action. The tank drone also contains the figure's sound module, making shooting sounds when the tank's projectile is launched and something that is supposed to be a sword sound when you move the sword blade, but really sounds more like smashing two cheap pots together. Finally Superlink Galvatron has one more weapon that was not included in the US-versions, a purple version of the Energon blade that originally came with Cruellock, which looks a lot better than the tank-drone-blade, in my opinion.

What else can I say? Oh yes, scale. The US-version of Energon Galvatron was Super-sized, which is the equivalent of today's Leader-class. The Japanese version is Command-Class, though, today's Ultra-Class, which makes the figure a lot more compatible with both other Energon/Superlink figures, as well as figures from the current Classics/Universe/Generations line-up. He's of a perfect size to battle City Commander Ultra Magnus, for example, which is a definite plus. So all in all a perfect robot mode, no complaints at all.

Vehicle Mode: Two years before Movie Megatron transformed into an unseemly mess of parts that was supposed to be an alien space jet, this mold showed people how it's really done. Galvatron becomes an alien-looking flying machine of awesome look and power, bristling with weaponry. Apart from the two shoulder cannons from the robot mode, Galvatron has multiple gun ports sculpted into his cockpit and wings. The tank drone can attach to the top of the jet, somewhat ruining his aerodynamics, but who really cares? It also features multiple points to attach Minicons or Energon weapons, just in case the fire power still doesn't suffice.

The jet also features a functioning landing gear and an almost X-Wing-like gimmick: You can flip open the wings , unveiling more detail and guns. You can also do that in robot mode, btw, but it doesn't look nearly as cool there. The only slight downside of this jetmode is that Galvatron's robot mode head just hangs there underneath the cockpit, just behind the front landing gear. Turned around and with his 'horns' pointing forward it's supposed to look like another weapon module and you don't really notice it from most angles, but still. This might have been solved a little bit better. Doesn't change the fact, though: One awesome-looking vehicle mode.

Remarks: To clear up some confusion: Superlink is the Japanese version of the Energon series. In Energon we started out with a Megatron (despite having ended Armada with a Galvatron), who once again turned into a Galvatron near the series’ end. In Superlink we started with a Galvatron, whose power-up repaint was then renamed Galvatron General, which is this figure, the equivalent of the Energon Galvatron figure, but smaller. Everyone clear? Cool, moving on.

Issues of name and size class aside, to me this figure is perhaps the best mold to come out of the entire Energon/Superlink series and a strong contender for best Unicron Trilogy mold altogether. He is certainly the best Galvatron I've ever seen (whether the figure actually carries that name or not) and I'm already very much looking forward to the arrival of the Fansproject TFX-04 Protector for the ultimate Galvatron vs. Rodimus Prime show-down of all time. So to make a long story short: If you're looking for a perfect Galvatron or just an incredibly cool-looking Decepticon Leader in general, you should at the very least own one of the four variants of this figure. I own three now and if the chance to own Super-class Galvatron for a reasonable price should ever arrive, I won't hesitate to make it all four.

Rating: A
Toy DB Link

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