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Series: Beast Machines
Allegiance: Vehicon
Categories: Basic
Year: 2000

Eat My Dust!
Mirage is a real trickster - and like most practical jokers, loves being devious. An experimental, high-speed weapon created by Megatron to breach the intelligence gap between Vehicon generals and their drones. Still, not very smart. Would be useless without Megatron's supervision. Enjoys playing tricks on fellow Vehicons. Can appear out of nowhere to attack Maximals. Sneakiest and most elusive of all Vehicons. Top speed of 300 miles per mega-cycle. Can instantly teleport up to 200 yards. Wields plasma mine blaster and dual missile launchers. Unpopular amongst fellow warriors.

Robot Mode: A rather inhuman-looking robot, Mirage's robot mode is clearly secondary to his vehicle mode. The legs are pretty short and stubby, the head very long, and the colours rather dark except for the spotches of yellow. The posability is decent, but his feet (really the wheels of his car mode) are not the most solid of basis. He carries his blue missiles on his forearm and the blaster on his head can detach. Overall an average robot mode with a side order of slight bore.

Alternate Mode: Much like his G1 predecessor Mirage transforms into a sleek F1 racer. The vehicle looks mostly realistic with some futuristic elements such as the laser cannon jutting out from the cockpit or the blue missiles on the spoiler. The vehicle mode is the better one of Mirage's two mode by a bit.

Remarks: Mirage was one of those Beast Machines characters that never appeared in the series. His tech spec bio makes him another of Megatron's Vehicons, but that's pretty much it. The figure as such is pretty average, maybe a slight bit above average. I bought it along with some others, I doubt I would have bought him on his own.

Rating: C

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