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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Supreme
Year: 2004

Unyielding resolve has no conqueror.
Omega Supreme is a gigantic and powerful Autobot protector. His incredible size and strength have earned him the respect and admiration of all that know him. He, and others like him, are classified as the Guardians of Cybertron. In robot mode, Omega uses brute force and cunning skill to take down some of Megatron's main baddies, including Megatron himself. His two vehicle modes of an aircraft carrier and battle train possess an arsenal that is a threat to any foe. Omega's powerful concussion blasters can obliterate two hundred Terrorcons in one shot.

Robot Mode:Omega Supreme ist just huge, as big as Unicron, meaning he towers over just about any other Transformer except for Fortress Maximus. And while he is not quite as posable as the aforementioned Unicron, he can still strike a pose better than most G1 toys. His look is clearly a homage to his G1 counterpart, the clawed right hand, the nearly hand-less left hand and the head are clearly meant to resemble his forebear. The head, btw, being a separate Minicon robot, though it has not been given a name to my knowledge. Omega also has a smaller, non-detachable head, but it's so small compared to the rest of him that it doesn't look that good.

Omega is also covered in weaponry, from the twin cannons on his left shoulder to his left arm, two cannons on his crotch (how did that one get past the cencors?) and on his butt, as well as another one on his left knee. While he doesn't come with many powerlink points to attach Minicons or Energon Weapons, he does have four connection points to link up with Optimus Prime's OP Force. All in all, Omega Supreme is a heavily armed behemoth than looks like it can stomp just about any opposition into the dirt without even noticing. A great robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Omega Supreme splits into two very different vehicles. One is a blue-coloured battleship with some elements of an aircraft carrier thrown into the mix. It's not so much a seagoing vessel, though, more of a spaceship, as demonstrated by the huge thrusters in the rear. The Minicon Headmaster robot can merge with the battleship's tower in this mode. The battleship can also transform into a kind of cannon, about the right size to be manned by Optimus Prime or other mega-sized Energon toys.

Omega's other half becomes a kind of construction vehicle, though it's a bit hard to describe. The front is a kind of train-like vehicle, pulling a huge crane-like machine (formerly Omega Supreme's clawed hand). This is the worse of the two halves, as you can't really do much with it in this form. The claw can extend a bit, that's it. This mode can also become a kind of cannon like the warship, but the result looks pretty bad, so it's not pictured above.

The two vehicles can combine into a long 'space train' (not my words) by pluggin the front of the construction vehicle into the back of the warship. Again, not sure what it's supposed to be in this form. In my opinion Omega looks better as two distinct vehicles than one combined one.

Combiner Modes: Omega Supreme can combine with Optimus Prime, meaning he splits apart and reforms around Optimus as a kind of huge armour. The resulting combiner, named Optimus Supreme (though I'd have preferred Omega Prime in memory of the RID combiner of the same name), doesn't look that different from Omega Supreme, except that the head of Optimus has now replaced Omega's and the yellow panel that formerly covered the area between Omega's shoulders is now upright. This gives Optimus one hell of a blind spot to his right, but the designers took the time to add some details to the panel, so now it looks like a kind of missile launcher. Nice touch.

This combined mode can be enhanced further by adding Optimus' OP Force vehicles to the mix. Two can attach to the legs, one to the right arm (the drill makes the most sense here, IMO) and one to the right shoulder. Optimus' own weapon (and other Energon weapons) can attach to the left arm. The result is one heavily armed giant, but it looks a bit overcrowded in this mode. I like it a bit more streamlined, so I usually leave the OP Force vehicles off.

Partners / Add-Ons: Omega Supreme is a headmaster, meaning a Minicon forms his head in robot mode. This Minicon has not been given a name or a back story to my knowledge. I like to imagine that Omega was little more than a mindless guardian drone with the very small black head at one point (as were the guardians in the original G1 cartoon) until he somehow merged with a Minicon, who gave him more intelligence and a will of his own. That's just my interpretation of it, though. The Minicon is pretty posable as a toy and can take a seat in Omega's right shoulder if need be, the 'cockpit' of the construction machine.

Remarks: As you can see by the amount of pictures I included above, Omega is one hell of an activity toy. There are so many different ways you can pose, transform, and combine him. Not all the different variations are good, but all in all Omega is a very good toy, definitely one of the better Energon figures. He can also serve as a direct coutnerpart to Armada (or Energon) Unicron, as they are exactly the same size. Their battle in the cartoon series, while not exactly well animated, was a sight to behold.

Rating: B+

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