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Series: Revenge of the Fallen
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Scout
Year: 2009

Though he is an incredibly flashy and skilled fighter, KNOCK OUT is also desperately insecure. He practices awesome combat maneuvers constantly in private to be sure that the other Autobots will notice him on the battlefield. His highest ambition is to be the leader of a special combat team, and to get the combination retrofit everyone has been talking about.

Prelude: Many thanks to fellow TF-Fan LimeWire for loaning me this little guy here for this review. Oh, and you're going to find this sentence on top of a lot of my reviews these next few weeks, seeing as Limey sent me a whole bunch of stuff to review. Thanks again, buddy.

Robot Mode: Ah, so here we have the Marvel Crossover Transformer Wolverine and the robot version of everyone's feral mutant berzerker looks really... what? That isn't the Wolverine Transformer? But... but the head! Look at the head! It's Wolverine, can't you see that? That's Wolvie's mask, I'm sure of it. No? Well... okay. So he's Knock-Out, a Transformer from the new TF movie. But his head looks like Wolverine. A lot. Like, totally!

Second, I have no idea which way the wheel-halves on Knock Out's shoulders are supposed to point. They can point up, backwards, or to the sides, whichever tickles your fancy. Me, I think they look coolest when positioned sideways, so that's how I took most of the pictures. But the other variants are up there, too, if you're interested. Choose your own position.

Finally, the robot proper. Very posable? Check. Nicely sculpted? Check. Cannon for a right hand? Check. Incredibly cool Wolverine-looking head? Check. What else can I say? I especially like the way his chest is put together, where the halves of the motorcycle's front frame the central torso. Very nice. Oh, and just in case you're wondering, the second wheel is on his back, just so you know.

Sadly there is one medium-sized flaw in Knock Out's robot mode. His upper body is connected to the hip by a hinge at the back and a small latch in the middle. Sadly the latch doesn't really click into place, so there's really nothing holding the upper body properly in place and wilder poses are liable to make it fold backwards. Apart from that single flaw, though, Knockout is a very cool-looking, very posable, and very nicely sculpted robot. And his head looks like Wolverine, just so you know.

Alternate Mode: Wolverine... I mean Knock Out... transforms into a motorcycle. The vehicle looks very nice and there are no visible hints that there's a robot hidden inside. Knock Out's weapon becomes the rear exhaust and the large plates that hung off his legs in robot mode cover the sides, hiding all the robot bits quite well.

There is a bit of sculpting in the 'cockpit' area as well. Not much, but enough to make it look interesting. What also caught my eye was the nice sculpting on the wheels. You can actually see the transmission chain on the rear wheel. So all in all one of the better sculpting and detailing jobs I've seen in this size class. Making for a very pleasing vehicle mode. No complaints here.

Remarks: There is one big drawback to reviewing figures months before the relevant movie/series actually hits the screens: There isn't really much I can say about Knock Out as a character. If he appears in "Revenge of the Fallen" (which I wouldn't bet money on) I'll add details about his character later on. So here we can just talk about the toy.

Knock Out is pretty cool and not just because his head looks like Wolverine. He might just be the coolest-looking motorcycle-Transformer I've seen yet. He's posable, nicely detailed, the only real flaw is that thing with his hip. His vehicle mode is also very nice and serves well as a disguise for the robot. So all in all, a very nice figure. My second candidate for favourite ROTF-figure so far (the first being Dead End). Definitely worth a recommendation.

Rating: B+

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