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Series: Dark of the Moon Mechtech
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2011

Mudflap is quickly becoming a veteran Autobot soldier, but there are days he cannot believe he's battling the Decepticons shoulder-to-shoulder with Optimus Prime. Mudflap shows the courage and enthusiasm of a distinguished Autobot even though the Decepticons may have to wait a few years before they truly fear him.

Review by LimeWire:

Prelude: Boy was I disappointed when the Twins didn’t appear in the movie. Their role would have been both heroic and tragic at the same time. After the murder of Ironhide they would have heroically tried to stop the rampaging Sentinel Prime, causing first Mudflap to be shot down, and then, with Bumblebee coming into Sentinel’s crosshairs, Skids sacrificing himself for the yellow bot. But what did we get? Bay succumbed to the pressure of the masses and so the twins (just like Jolt and the Arcee triplets) vanished without a trace. A loud and firm BOOOOOOO at this point. Instead of giving them better personalities, they were simply erased. Thumbs down!

Alternate Mode: Just like Skids Mudflap transforms into a Chevrolet Spark. The metallic-orange was replaced by a mostly black finish with an orange rally stripe, very nice. Just like with Skids we have a fair amount of realism with no humongous windows or anything. The alternate mode has no flaws I can see and is very solid. The Mechtech ports have spring-powered fill-ins, too. All in all the near-perfect mirror image of Skids, I like it very much.

Robot Mode: First thing: just like Skids, Mudflap can carry up to eight(!) weapons at the same time. Biggest difference to Skids: the feet, better articulation, a good deal shorter and a lot closer to the ROTF predecessor. I like him a lot! The orange highlights give him a certain amount of class, the articulation and posing ability is only slightly worse than those of the ROTF figure. He’s just about the height of a Scout class figure, which I complained about in Skids’ review, but by now I like it (and it fits with the scale of the Icecream-Truck, too). So no complaints here.

Gimmicks: The Mechtech weapon is the bomb! In normal mode it’s a blaster, but it unfolds into an Energon-powered battle axe. Oh, be sure to the remove the spring inside, then it’s perfect! Very nicely done, I like it a lot. Only the Mechtech plug should really have been placed on the broad side, not on the side where the axe folds in. Maybe I’ll try and fix that myself.

Conclusion: Mudflap is a very nice and positive surprise after the rather desastrous Skids review. Fully recommended!

Rating: B-
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