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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Command Store Exclusive
Year: 2004

Remarks: Seeing as this toy is virtually identical to Energon Megatron this review will only give a short description of the differences between the two figures. TRU Megatron, (available exclusively at Toys R'Us in a special two-pack with Deluxe Powerlinx Optimus Prime) is smaller, but that is actually an advantage, seeing as he is now at the perfect height to interact with other Energon figures like Shockblast or Scorponok. There are some differences in colour, TRU Megs is generally a bit brighter and the transparent parts are a lighter shade of green. The tank drone's cannon can not be detached (unlike that of Energon Megatron), but apart from that the two figures are identical. Same posability, same features, same transformation. I recommend the larger one to those who want a nice, big centrepiece for their Energon Decepticon collection and the smaller one for those who prefer to have all their figures at compatible scales and don't have that much shelve space to spare. I'm in the latter category, so my Energon Megatron has gone into the box and TRU Megs now stands in his place.

Rating: A

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