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Series: Classics
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2007

Robot Mode: This is definitely the better of Optimus' two modes. The robot is held pretty close to the original cartoon appearance of the Autobot leader and a lot leaner than many of the more recent versions. Posability is pretty good, only the detailing could have been a bit better in my opinion, he looks a bit plain. His rifle looks a bit like a tommy gun, which is a fun detail. Gimmick-wise Optimus can spin his upper body around in a sort of "Flying Fists" attack. Perhaps the stupidiest gimmick I've yet to see on a Prime figure. Thankfully you can fix the upper body in position by pulling out the lever on his back (something that isn't mentioned in the instruction manual, btw), otherwise the gimmick would have ruined Optimus' only good mode.

Vehicle Mode: While the robot mode is good, the vehicle mode is simply atrocious. It doesn't really look like a truck. The cab doesn't fit together in anything resembling straight lines and the back of the truck is obviously two robot legs stretched out behind him. You can put his gun on the back in a sort of artillery gun mode, but it doesn't save the mode in any way. Leave this Optimus in robot mode if you have to get him.

Remarks: Really the only reason to get this version of the Autobot leader is because he comes in a 2-pack with the pretty good Ultimate Battle Megatron, otherwise I certainly wouldn't have bothered getting him. The robot mode is okay and the only reason I haven't given this figure an even worse rating, but it's not enough to save the figure. Recommended only to those who want the Megatron figure.

Rating: C-
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